MOREHEAD Taylor Webb did not pridefully parade around Eagle Trace Golf Course.

No, Boyle County’s boys golf coach — and 2009 West Carter alumnus — didn’t strut after Saturday’s Eagle Trace Invitational tournament at Morehead State University’s home course. He was instead quietly content as he watched the Rebels take the team title by 10 shots over Greenup County.

Boyle County’s win was more sugary because his younger brother, Tyson Webb, plays for West Carter, and his father Terrell is the Comets’ coach.

“I’m just gonna rub it in their face a little bit,” Taylor Webb said. “We try to get ’em a little closer to Boyle County.”

Terrell Webb said “we will take every bit of it.”

“Dads and sons, we’re just proud of him, really proud,” Terrell said. “This is his second tournament to win; he won one a couple weeks ago in Danville.”

It helped Boyle County to have two of the top three individual finishers. Colten Wilson and William Carr shot 2-under-par 70s. (Wilson won a scorecard playoff because he birdied the 376-yard par-4 18th hole.)

“It’s been a pretty big rivalry,” Wilson said. “We’ve been friends all our lives, but we’ve definitely gone head-to-head.”

Wilson and Carr arrived at the same place but in decidedly different ways. “I had six birdies and an eagle and six bogeys,” Wilson said. “He had 16 pars and two birdies.”

Terrell Webb said he’ll be asking Taylor for pointers.

“I’ve been doing that for quite a while, so absolutely,” Terrell said. “From a coaching standpoint, really not too much. I just mean from golf in general …  It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to beat him on a golf course; he knows what he’s doing. I’m really proud of him.”

Smiles for Liles

Lewis County’s Logan Liles topped everyone with a 3-under 69. It was his third win this season — he also won at Old Bridge Golf Club in Danville and at Bellefonte Country Club in Ashland.

With the Region 12 tournament coming up in four weeks in Mount Sterling, Liles said his preparation is a little ahead of schedule.

“There’s still a lot of work that needs to be done,” he said. “ … Just little tune-ups here and there with some iron shots, especially with the longer irons in the bag. I feel pretty good with the driver.”


Greenup County brothers Drew and Dylan Stultz sometimes display different emotions; They were mostly synchronous with their woods, irons and putters — both fired 1-under 71s.

“It’s fun to come out here in high school golf and compete,” Drew Stultz said. “We’re competitive in every sport we’ve ever played, even just pick-up basketball.”

Their dad, Greenup County coach Brad Stultz, believes his sons are as different as a driver and a putter.

“Drew is way more serious and carries things along too long; sometimes it goes from hole to hole,” Brad Stultz said. “Dylan is … a lot more carefree; he hits a bad shot, he moves on.”

Expecting more of himself and beating himself up if he falls short is the way Drew has always been. He said Dylan is teaching him to relax.

“He’s helped to just go out and enjoy the game,” Drew said.

Dylan Stultz had three birdies and two bogeys. Drew topped that — he said five birdies and an eagle.

Having the same score didn’t prevent Dylan from lobbing a verbal bon mot at Drew.

“I get to talk trash,” Dylan said. “He’s only beaten me two tournaments this year, two or three.”

Drew has a ready reply.

“It’s gotta be how much further I hit the ball than him,” he said.

Mason County, Scott County and Montgomery County rounded out the top five teams. East Carter finished 11th, West Carter tied Mercer County for 15th, Ashland was 17th, Russell was 18th, Boyd County was 19th and Fleming County was 21st.

Montgomery County’s Logan McCormick and Scott County’s Ethan Flanders also turned in a 71.

Rowan County

Invitational II

at 6,502-yard, Par-72 Eagle Trace Golf Course, Morehead


1. Boyle County 300; 2. Greenup County 310; 3. Mason County 315; 4. Scott County 319; 5. Montgomery County 326; 6. Shelby County 329; 7. Conner 330; 8. Model 334; 9. Great Crossing 341; 10. Pikeville 343.

11. East Carter 351; 12. Lexington Catholic 355; 13. DeSales 359; 14. Cooper 366; 15. (tie) Mercer County and West Carter 367; 17. Ashland 371; 18. Russell 374; 19. Boyd County 377; 20. Beechwood 378.

21. Fleming Co. 389.


*Logan Liles (lewis Co.)    69

#Colten Wilson (Boyle Co.)    70

William Carr (Boyle Co.)    70

Drew Stultz (Greenup Co.)    71

Dylan Stultz (Greenup Co.)    71

Logan McCormick (Montgomery Co.)    71

Ethan Flanders (Scott Co.)    71

Rylan Wotherspoon (Cooper)    73

Logan Shepherd (Mason Co.)    74

Reed Gritton (Mercer Co.)    74

Charlze Spiller (Lexington Catholic)    75

Zach Houchin (Shelby Co.)    76

Will Stamm (Beechwood)    77

Kaden Grooms (Mason Co.)    78

Conner Samons (Boyle Co.)    78

Sam Tucker (Conner)    78

Andrew Bennett (DeSales)    78

Grant Cambron (Great Crossing)    78

Brett Bentley (Greenup Co.)    78

Jeff Foster (Montgomery Co.)    78

Cam Roberts (Pikeville)    78

Mason Hamrick (Model)    79

Korey Blake (Bourbon Co.)    79

Christian Parker (Rowan Co.)    79

Gunner Cassity (Russell)    79

Clayton Ison (Boyd Co.)    80

Ian Petersime (Conner)    80

Weston Miller (Breathitt Co.)    80

Connor Calhoun (Ashland)    81

Chandler McCoy (Montgomery Co.)    81

Spencer Magee (Mason Co.)    81

Alex Bennett (Scott Co.)    81

Isaac Klempner (Henry Co.)    81

Evan Stewart (Conner)    82

Jack Briese (Boyle Co.)    82

Logan Hughes (Fleming Co.)    82

Evan Schumacher (Mason Co.)    82

Jacey Young (Shelby Co.)    82

Nick James (West Carter)    82

Tyson Webb (West Carter)    83

Isaac Walker (East Carter)    83

Nate Feese (Model)    83

Blake Ford (Scott Co.)    83

Kyle VanValkenburg (Scott Co.)    84

Luka Guilda (DeSales)    84

Mason Butler (Mason Co.)    84

Matthew Tomolonis (East Carter)    85

Thomas Luxon (Model)    85

Connor Smith (Great Crossing)    85

Keegan Tingle (Shelby Co.)    85

J.D. Montgomery (Lawrence Co.)    85

Gideon Martin (Shelby Co.)    86

Ben Epplen (Beechwood)    86

Yuli Mariuchi (Cooper)    87

Jake Hajjar (Model)    87

Price Harris (East Carter)    87

Logan Thompson (Mercer Co.)    87

Jon Bryant (Pikeville)    87

Colin Street (Pikeville)    87

Hunter Musser (Ashland)    88

Landon Bergman (Great Crossing)    88

Dillon Fields (Shelby Co.)    89

Trevor Callahan (West Carter)    89

Garrett Wellman (Frankfort)    90

Boone Gibson (Greenup Co.)    90

Takoda Brown (Boyd Co.)    90

Ross Riesenberg (Conner)    90

Ashton Cochran (Great Crossing)    90

Griffin Keeton (Greenup Co.)    90

Caleb Ballard (Model)    90

Ian VanSteenberg (Great Crossing)    91

Zach Ring (Mason Co.)    91

Braden Nickell (Morgan Co.)    91

Daniel Ratliff (Pikeville)    91

Alex Deborde (Boyd Co.)    91

Brendon Pollock (DeSales)    92

Taylor Purvis (Bath Co.)    92

Jordan Gordon (Greenup Co.)    93

Hunter High (Fleming Co.)    93

Duncan Carling (Lexington Catholic)    93

Grayson Newman (Lexington Cath.)    93

Max Waddell (Russell)    93

Blake Justice (Pikeville)    93

Liam Spurlock (Scott Co.)    93

Dylan Robinette (Boyd Co.)    94

Alex Asbridge (Lexington Catholic)    94

Parker Miller (Ashland)    95

Titus McGlone (East Carter)    96

Jarrett Stidam (Montgomery Co.)    96

Connor Crouch (Bath Co.)    99

Alex Nasmith (Montgomery Co.)    99

Trevor Hume (Conner)    99

Brady Kilburn (Russell)    99

Kaden Tharp (Cooper)    100

Levi Cheek (Mercer Co.)    100

Avery Sartin (Lewis Co.)    100

Cody Fouts (East Carter)    101

Kobe Ingram (Boyle Co.)    102

Torin Kirk (Russell)    103

Dylan Street (Pikeville)    103

Nick Coyle (DeSales)    105

Adam Hargett (Fleming Co.)    105

Casey Hawes (Beechwood)    105

Caleb Waldrop (Cooper)    106

Regon Southworth (Mercer Co.)    106

Caleb Campbell (Ashland)    107

Seth Hickerson (Fleming Co.)    109

Chandler McGowan (Cooper)    110

Hayden Bishop (Beechwood)    110

Josh Varney (Pikeville)    111

C.J. Bartram (Russell)    111

Jacob Baker (Boyd Co.)    113

Cole Bond (West Carter)    113

Blake Stewart (Boyd Co.)    114

Braydon Dehart (West Carter)    115

Conner Grannis (Fleming Co.)    116

Kyle McComis (Ashland)    122

Ty McCab (DeSales)    127

Tayton Ousley (West Carter)    127

Caden Less (Scott Co.)    NC

Jake Wells (Bourbon Co.)    NC

Jordan Ratliff (Pikeville)    WD


#Won scorecard playoff

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