10. “I don’t have no more comment, just aggravation.” — Russell softball coach Terry Callihan after he didn’t like the game-ending call in the Lady Devils’ 9-6 loss to Lewis County on April 30

9. “Our guys are sitting here trying to hit frickin’ moon rockets. It doesn’t work that way. That's not high school baseball.” — Travis Feltner, Lawrence County baseball coach, on the Bulldogs’ plate approach in a 7-6 loss to Ashland on April 8

8. “They were trying to do too much too soon. It’s kinda like having a sandwich and eating it in one bite. You’re stuffing it into your mouth, it falls out, you look funny, you look terrible, and you probably don’t get to eat all the sandwich. Now, if you take a few bites and chew them up, it’s OK.” — E.B. Lowman, former Ashland girls soccer coach, on the LadyCats’ 4-1 win over Boyd County on Aug. 28

7. “There’s probably only a couple people’s gonna hit that, and God’s one of them. It’s not anybody from Greenup County.” — Greg Logan, Greenup County baseball coach, on Lewis County senior Seth Wright’s curveball after the Musketeers’ 5-1 loss to the Lions on April 16

6. “The baseball gods must have looked down and said, ‘Listen, moron, put the guy in the lineup.’” — Jeremiah Shearer, East Carter baseball coach, after Raiders sophomore Ethan Tiller, a late addition to the lineup, hit two homers in the Raiders’ 9-3 win over West Carter on April 15

5. “Thank God the Wiremans reproduced and fulfilled their biblical duty.” — Greg Logan, Greenup County baseball coach, on Musketeers eighth-grader Carson Wireman becoming the third Wireman brother to play baseball for Greenup County

4. “Really, what I say to them is redundant anyway. They know when they make mistakes, they know what’s wrong, they know how to fix it, so really I’m just kinda there as a parrot.” — Katee Neltner, Boyd County volleyball coach, after the Lady Lions’ 3-2 win over Fairview 3-2 on Sept. 4

3. “I’ll take the second-place trophy as opposed to a cardiac arrest.” — Mark Kachler, Mason County track and field coach, after meet official Tim King suggested a coaches’ relay to break a 152-all tie with Ashland in the Class 2A, Region 6 girls championship on May 18

2. “I would give you the scripture (reference), I can’t think of it off the top of my head, but ‘a dog returneth to his vomit.’ They’re going right back to what they knew was not working.” — Travis Feltner, Lawrence County baseball coach, on the KHSAA returning to a semi-state format for its baseball and softball postseasons

1. “We just tend to find each other, kinda like two pigs in the mud wallering around.” — Shawn Thacker, Rowan County boys basketball coach, on West Carter coach Jeremy Webb, after the Vikings drew the Comets in the 16th Region Tournament to set up their fifth meeting in the region tournament in 11 years