20. “You just tell them, you have to play every point, and the better you play, the sooner we’ll go home.” — Tiffany Perry, Russell volleyball coach, after the Lady Devils beat East Carter 3-0 on Aug. 30

19. “I said, ‘What are you trying to do, ice me? I’m not the opposing team’s kicker. This isn’t the NFL.’” — Blake Stewart, Boyd County junior, on Lions coach Randy Anderson taking a timeout before Stewart shot free throws with 2.1 seconds remaining in Boyd County’s 66-60 win over Russell on Dec. 18

18. “I tell him all the time to get off that offensive stuff and play defense. That’s where the daggone money’s made. I tell him to get off that daggone glory side and get over there to the blood-and-guts side.” — Paintsville football coach Joe Chirico, on since-departed Tigers receiver Josh McClurg

17. “I feel like somebody’s grandma. Everybody that comes over wants to eat.” — John Caudill, Lawrence County assistant football coach, on his cooking prowess

16. “He’s about a biscuit away from 100 pounds.” — Logan Price, Boyd County boys soccer coach, on Lions freshman Rylan Keelin

15. “Allergies.” — David Greene, former Ashland baseball coach, on getting emotional during Senior Night ceremonies before the Tomcats’ 11-10 win over Russell on May 9

14. “I didn’t want to get this team in a situation where they were in a forest and a tree would fall on us and kill us.” — Shawn Thacker, Rowan County boys basketball coach, on scheduling for what he thought would be a young and inexperienced 2018-19 Vikings team

13. “I’m an idiot.” — Darrin Rice, Johnson Central girls basketball coach, on building a rigorous schedule

12. “It turned into another wiffleball game. I’ve got to start eating dinner before these.” — Scott Ingram, Ashland softball coach, on the Kittens’ 20-11 loss to Raceland on March 18, one in a series of long, high-scoring early-season games between the two teams

11. “As a coach, I hated to see him make the play, but as a human being, I think he saved three of our fans sitting over there, so can’t complain too bad.” — David Greene, former Ashland baseball coach, on Rowan County’s AJ Hacker’s catch at the fence in foul territory during the Vikings’ 12-2 win over the Tomcats in the 16th Region Tournament final on May 28

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