Travis Hanshaw holds his WBF Fighter of the Year award as he stands beside WBF President Howard Goldberg in Germany. SUBMITTED PHOTO

Travis Hanshaw became just the third American to collect the World Boxing Federation Fighter of the Year Award last month in Korbach, Germany.

His dad joked about one-upping him. Tom Hanshaw is the first WBF Trainer of the Year from the United States.

“I was really shocked,” Tom Hanshaw said. “It was something I wasn’t prepared for. I’m not in it for me; you coach for the kids.”

His own kid, Travis, just keeps adding to his array of accomplishments.

Shortly after Tom Hanshaw received the top trainer award, Travis Hanshaw claimed his own honor. Of the 11 winners of the award, Hanshaw, Michael Grant (2011) and Evander Holyfield (2010) are the Americans on the list.

Travis Hanshaw called his award a “real shock,” too.

One night later, Boyd County’s own Travis Hanshaw stepped into the ring and defeated Nika Gvajava in a split-decision match. “The Rattlesnake” improved to 16-1-1 in his professional career.

“A lot of people just went up there for the awards ceremony,” he said, “but I couldn’t go up there and not fight.”

In all, the Hanshaws — Travis, Tom, Mindy (Tom’s wife, Travis’s mom) and Shelby (Travis’s wife) — spent five days in Europe. They flew from Chicago to Ireland to Germany and hopped back in reverse order.

“I was getting homesick quick,” Travis said. “After two days, I was ready to come home.”

Travis and Shelby FaceTimed their son, Titus, every day while there.

They still had fun, he said, and took in a few sights while there. He wasn’t a fan of the German cuisine.

“Normally I carb up before a fight, and I couldn’t really do that there,” he said.

While in Korbach, Hanshaw delivered three speeches to crowds as large as 80 people, he said.

“I got to meet a lot of the world champions,” he said. “Some of them are doing big things.”

Hanshaw became the WBF World Super Middleweight champion in June with a victory over Aaron Quattrocchi at the Boyd County Community Center.

Travis and Tom said they probably could’ve used more time to get acclimated to Germany in order to properly prepare for the duel.

“There was another guy from California who was there for almost a month,” Tom Hanshaw said. “It takes time to get familiar with the area and used to climate change and all that. It makes a big difference.”

Travis was happy for his dad — “He’s been in my corner for a long time, so it was nice for him to get something out of it.”

Tom was happy for his youngest son — “Another stepping stone up for him.”

Travis and Tom are both thinking big for the next bout.

“We’re looking at ESPN, NBC, Showtime, things like that,” Travis said. “My idea is March.”

“We’re giving him a week off, and we’ll start back Monday; start getting ready for the money fights,” Tom Hanshaw said.

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