Travis Hanshaw, at right, hits Aaron Quattrocchi during the eighth round of their World Super Middleweight title fight on Saturday at the Boyd County Community Center. KEVIN GOLDY | THE DAILY INDEPENDENT

Driving into Westwood, you’ll notice a “Home of Travis Hanshaw” road sign, a symbol of the boxer’s lifelong dream.

Hanshaw’s not in Westwood anymore.

“The Rattlesnake” will be in Medebach, Germany, all week leading up to the World Boxing Federation Convention (Thursday-Sunday) and a Saturday fight.

Hanshaw’s last fight went rather well in his hometown. He defeated Aaron Quattrocchi for the WBF Super Middleweight world title on June 29 at the Boyd County Community Center.

Hanshaw is a Fighter of the Year nominee. He said the awards ceremony portion of the convention is set for Friday night.

“The way they talked, I have a good chance,” Hanshaw said, referring to WBF president Howard Goldberg.

A few days prior to flying from Chicago to Ireland to Germany, Hanshaw was more nervous about the flight than anything else. Joining Hanshaw were Tom, his father, Mindy, his mother, Shelby, his wife and Corky Salyer. Titus, his and Shelby’s son, stayed home.

Hanshaw (15-1-1) didn’t know much about his opponent as of late last week. He said the foe had changed three times. He said he hails from Morocco and has “a big long name” and he’s “kinda fast and throws a lot of left hooks.” It’s not a title fight.

“I’m not defending; they want me there to be there for the awards,” Hanshaw said. “I won’t be defending until later on.”

Hanshaw hopes to fare well, though, as this could be the fight that precedes “the big money fight,” as he put it.

After this bout and the money fight, Hanshaw may hang it up. The recent tragedy involving Patrick Day opened Hanshaw’s eyes.

“I’ve done this my whole life, and I used to knock everybody out,” Hanshaw said. “It’s getting harder for me to finish. The weight’s harder to cut for me. ... I’ve only got a few more left in me.”

Day died on Oct. 16 as a result of a traumatic brain injury suffered in a fight. Hanshaw knew Day from his amateur days.

“I’ve done everything I want to do in boxing,” Hanshaw said.

Everything else, he inferred, will be icing on the cake.

Shelby Hanshaw will record Saturday’s fight on Facebook live, Travis said.

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