Greenup County head coach, Scott Grizzle congratulates Tanner Euton after a big play on Friday against East Carter. MARTY CONLEY/ FOR THE DAILY INDEPENDENT

Scott Grizzle didn't expect the latest detour in his coaching journey, but he is working to make the best of it.

Five months after departing as Greenup County's football coach for the same position at Hazard, Grizzle has resigned the Bulldogs post due to what he termed "personal issues" to stay in northeastern Kentucky as a teacher and assistant coach at Fairview.

Having begun to put his stamp -- largely from afar due to the COVID-19 pandemic -- on what was already one of a strong crop of prominent Class A programs in eastern Kentucky, Grizzle "thought long and hard" about personal and professional situations and elected to return to his home region.

"It's been all sorts of a range of emotions," Grizzle said of the moves. "It's been scary, it's been frustrating, it's been disappointing. You hate to be somebody that is a leader of young men and student-athletes and then have to go back on your word. That really is a punch in the gut to me, and I know it is a punch in the gut to (Hazard). It hurts me too to do that. It's been a tough couple weeks, and you just try to do the best you can and make the best decisions possible."

That doesn't mean Grizzle has any problems with his new job, program and coworkers. During the school day, he will be a reading intervention teacher and work with Fairview's in-school suspension program. In the afternoons and evenings, he will fill a yet-to-be-determined coaching position under Eagles second-year coach Daniel Armstrong, who worked as Greenup County's defensive coordinator from 2015-18 -- the last three of those seasons with Grizzle in charge.

"Coach Armstrong's done a fantastic job in his short time there," Grizzle said. "He's a coach that's very dedicated, extremely hard-working, and he brings a ton of energy. When we worked together at Greenup, you couldn't deny if you came to one of our practices just the energy and enthusiasm that we both have. I know he's brought that to (Fairview's) program and their school district, and I feel like it's a school and a program that's got a ton of positive direction right now."

Armstrong was happy for his school and his team to provide a landing spot for his former boss.

"I’m really excited about the opportunity to work with Scott again," Armstrong said. "I thought that we worked together well at Greenup and did some things that hadn’t been done there in a while. I believe with our staff that’s already in place and a few key additions including Grizzle, we can turn the corner on the rebuild of Fairview's football program.

"I think word of his hiring as a teacher and coach at Fairview has created a little buzz around the community. The administration is really committed to bringing in the best people to work with our students, both in the classroom and in athletics."

Grizzle, a 2007 Raceland alumnus and member of the school's football Hall of Fame, is now in the employ of another of his alma mater's most storied foes.

"I've said it to my family, for a Raceland guy to go from Greenup to Fairview, you're hitting both your rivals for sure," Grizzle said with a chuckle. "At the end of the day, it's all about having a job and making sure that your family is secure and doing the best you can. All that high school rival stuff goes out the door once you become an adult and you start working and really realizing what's important in life. I'm thankful for Fairview offering me a position at a school district that I feel like has a lot of positivity coming their way."

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