Fleming County’s boys soccer team was not exposed to COVID-19 on Sept. 8 by a Bath County player who has since tested positive, the Gateway District Health Department and Wildcats AD Scott Anderson said Wednesday. 

Hours earlier, Fleming County Schools superintendent Brian Creasman said the Panthers had “possible exposure to a COVID-19 student-athlete” in that game, listing it by date, not opponent. 

Creasman posted on the district’s Facebook page on Wednesday afternoon that he was notified earlier in the day that the Panthers had possibly been exposed by an opposing player on Sept. 8. That was the date of the teams’ season-opening match, a 5-1 Bath County win in Flemingsburg. 

Creasman asked players’ parents to monitor their children for symptoms of COVID-19 and said practices and competitions are regarded as optional this year in the interest of mitigating COVID-19.

Reached Wednesday evening for comment in response to Creasman’s post, Bath County athletic director Scott Anderson said the health department overseeing Bath, Elliott, Menifee, Morgan and Rowan counties has determined the player in question was not contagious at the time of that game. 

“The determination of the health department was his date of symptoms doesn't correspond with any soccer activity,” Anderson said, “which has left the Bath County boys soccer team unaffected, along with any recent opponent.” 

Anderson said the player in question has been quarantined for 10 days and will return to the team after that. 

“We have always followed every guideline, and we will continue to follow all guidelines set forth and recommended by our public health officials,” Bath County Schools superintendent Harvey Tackett said. “We will always act to ensure the health, safety and welfare of all children, staff and our school community. Any time there is a concern about our actions and our compliance with guidelines, it is both essential and professional for others to acquire the facts from the appropriate representatives.  

“We depend on other competitors to follow the guidelines to protect us, and likewise, we will consistently follow the protocols which will in turn protect them. Our district is committed to compliance and transparency.”

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