According to, a nationwide full moon on Friday the 13th hasn’t happened since Oct. 13, 2000.

In case you don’t have a physical calendar or haven’t glanced at one on your smartphone, today is Friday the 13th ... and here comes the full moon.

For you superstitious folks out there, do a full moon and Friday the 13th cancel each other out? Or will the duo double the chances of madness happening?

By the way, again according to, this collision won’t happen again until Aug. 13, 2049.

Is this a sign of wacky things to occur on football fields tonight?

For these 12 Week 4 predictions, I’ll use various titles from the “Friday the 13th” movie series and names of movies about werewolves — which we closely associate with full moons — to assist me in the process.

Week 4 Picks

Boyd County 22, Bath County 14. This year has marked “A New Beginning” for the Lions. Coach Evan Ferguson’s group has carried a lead into the fourth quarter twice in three games. Can the Lions finish? They take another step in the right direction with a taste of victory tonight.

East Carter 28, West Carter 14. East Carter is going for its first 4-0 start since 1994, a year that featured the release of “Wolf” starring Jack Nicholson. This is the Raiders’ toughest test yet, but they’re ready to sink their teeth into the county rivalry matchup.

Greenup County 35, Minford (Ohio) 28. Musketeers coach Scott Grizzle sports “The Wolfman” beard well and he makes the right calls as Greenup County edges a dangerous Minford team.

Ironton 28, Fairland 7. The Fighting Tigers are smelling “The New Blood” as they follow the preseason motto, “There’s a new storm brewing.” Ironton’s defense, especially, has been on point — it’s allowed just six points in two games. Now the Tigers turn their attention to the Dragons.

Russell 34, Lawrence County 10. “Underworld: Rise of the Lycans” will seem fitting if S.J. Lycans boots a field goal tonight, but the Bulldogs need a lot more than a couple scores against Russell’s stingy defense.

Nicholas County 42, Lewis County 6. Perhaps Lewis County has a Scott Howard (played by Michael J. Fox) who can becoming a werewolf a help the Lions win, which is what happened in the 1985 movie “Teen Wolf.” If not, the Bluejackets will corral the Lions.

Fairview 36, Morgan County 30. This is truly a “Freddy Vs. Jason” kind of game, except we don’t view the Eagles and Cougars as villains. However, it’s a toss-up. I suppose the Eagles can be Jasons since they’ll prevail on Friday the 13th, thanks to an advantage in playmakers.

Paintsville 32, East Jessamine 16. What’s more frightening — an “American Werewolf in London” or a roaming Jaguar in Paintsville? The Tigers make certain the answer is not the latter.

Pikeville 19, Raceland 14. This small-school, defense-dominated showdown won’t be decided until the “Late Phases” of the game in Pikeville.

Rowan County 34, Fleming County 28. To Vikings fans, it may have felt like their team was “Cursed” at every turn against Raceland, but the Rams had a large part in that. It’s rebound week for Rowan County, but the Panthers take the Vikings to the wire.

Johnson Central 36, South Charleston 20. OK, Charleston isn’t quite Manhattan, but Jim Matney and the Golden Eagles will conquer one of the city’s schools as Mr. Vorhees did in “Jason Takes Manhattan.”

Ashland 24, Wheelersburg 21. Venturing into Pirates territory is — and I mean this affectionately — being in “The Company of Wolves.” These rowdy fans create quite a tough environment for opponents, but the Tomcats notch another impressive victory and send Wheelersburg to a rare 0-3 start.

Listen Up!

•Boyd County at Bath County:, WKCA 94.7-FM

•West Carter at East Carter:, WGOH 100.9-FM/1370 AM

•Minford (Ohio) at Greenup County:

•Fairland at Ironton: WIRO 1230 AM

•Russell at Lawrence County:, WKYH 99.3-FM

•Nicholas County at Lewis County: WKKS 104.9-FM

•Fairview at Morgan County:

•East Jessamine at Paintsville: WKLW 94.7-FM

•Raceland at Pikeville:

•Fleming County at Rowan County: WQXX 106.1-FM, WFLE 95.1-FM

•Johnson Central at S. Charleston: WSIP 98.9-FM

•Ashland at Wheelersburg: WBVB 97.1-FM

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