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I don’t just love to read. 

My love for books goes deeper than just wanting to read the words between covers. I love the publishing industry and learning about the steps involved in getting these stories in my hands. Books are more than reading to me because as a fiction writer myself, I see the hours of unpaid work and love for characters and readers laid out on the page.

So my support for these authors is more important than ever.

I’ve been going out of my way to support the authors and the publishing industry. I know without the publishing industry, I would not be the person I am today.

Here are the things I’ve been doing and you can do, too:

I’m buying books from local authors.

I want to support our local authors just as much as I support the industry. I love knowing that when I purchase a book from an author, the money is going back into our local community.

I have made a point to purchase physical copies of books I’ve read and loved.

This is one I’ve been trying to do more because I use Kindle Unlimited. I know that for every page I read through the program it pays the author. I wish I could purchase every book I read on my Kindle, but I read so many books in a month, it is unrealistic for my budget. 

So this is my solution. 

The authors still get my page reads, but they also get a small royalty when I get their paperback.

I’m sharing books I love online and recommending authors to my friends. I love sharing and promoting authors I enjoy, especially during a time of economic hardship.

I’m purchasing more physical pre-orders to help the traditionally published authors and e-books to help self-published authors.

Pre-orders are really important and I’m glad I can do my part, no matter how small.

The last thing I’ve done has been leave reviews. I read a lot. I tend to finish two to three books a week. My friends and I like to call it my superpower. Every time I finish a book I’m leaving a review. Even if it’s only a star rating and a couple of sentences, I’m leaving something because reviews help more than some people know.

I want to do my part to support authors, so I’m going to open this column up to local authors. Please tell me about your books. I would like to do my part to support you as a person who loves to read. 

I’m not promising you reviews or that I will purchase your books, but if I think they sound interesting, I might add them to my cart so I can grow a new section in my personal library.

Reach TEMECKA EVANS at (606) 326-2651 or

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