Cathie shaffer

I am preparing for an Alaskan vacation in a few weeks.

No, I’m not going on a cruise.

And no, I won’t be traveling alone. Grandgirl III is going with me. She gave up a trip to the beach with her mother and sisters in favor of going to the great white north with me. I think she sees it as too good an opportunity to turn down.

A series of circumstances has set me on this path. As some know, I write novels and I’ve been working for a year or so on a futuristic fantasy suspense that has its final, crucial big scene in Alaska. If I’m going to make it authentic, I decided, I need to go there and check the location out.

I also took a bump on a flight last summer and received a voucher for $1,500 in airfare which has to be used by July 24. As it turns out, I managed two tickets with about a hundred bucks in free flying left over.

The hotel has been booked, one with shuttles to and from the airport, and I’ve been checking out things to do online that will put us where I want to be.

I’ve been to Alaska before, probably 15 years ago, with Dearly Departed Hubby. We decided we would go again when I retired. But he died a decade ago and I still haven’t retired. Still, that’s no reason to stay home.

Grandgirl III has never traveled outside the central United States and never flown before. She is excited and, although she’ll never admit it, a little apprehensive. I am the eternal optimist so I expect smooth flying and great weather while we’re there.

It will be a short trip so we’ll be hitting the highlights like seeing the glaciers and maybe a half-day whale spotting cruise.

I’ve already informed here there are moose all over Anchorage and that I expect her to try reindeer sausage for breakfast while we’re there.

I’m not only exciting about revisiting Alaska but that she’s able to go with me. My grandmothers were homebodies, content to stay within 50 miles of home. My mother was an adventurer and instilled in me the realization that the world is big and life is short.

I’ve tried to impart that to my children and now my grandchildren. I love my home, my place of refuge, but I don’t want to miss out on whatever else is out there.

I’ve already arranged for the dog to go to her favorite boarding place, advised the girl on how to pack and not to take everything she owns and have money tucked away to cover our expenses.

So if you don’t see me around for a while, don’t worry. I’m in the land of ice and snow, snapping photos and giving Grandgirl II something to remember long after I leave this earth.


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