Driving in the country today

Enjoying peace and quiet, 

Then I started thinking

Something isn’t right.


Not many cars on the road,

Parking lots empty and bare.

A sadness fills my being,

There is no one anywhere.


School buses set idle,

Children playing outside,

Can’t attend school now,

By these rules we must abide.


Church doors remain closed,

This is a sad picture.

Missing Sunday school 

and hearing the preacher.


Restaurants with signs on the doors,

‘Must use the drive-thru,’

All is far from well,

Don’t know what we can do.


The gardens are plowed,

Farmers facing fear and dread.

There’s nothing to plant

But America must be fed.


It’s a scary time,

It has targeted all of us.

The whole world is facing

This coronavirus.


It’s killing by the thousands,

Doing test after test.

Medical employees working, 

Getting very little rest.


People moving about,

All wearing masks.

Gloves on our hands,

Governor says it’s a must.


Stay home,

Wash hands often.

President warns us,

Will never be forgotten.


I know there’s a reason,

In the Bible we’re told.

Perilous times can come upon us,

But God is still in control.


Maybe it’s time we wake up,

Live as God teaches in His word.

America has forgotten

The teaching we’ve heard.


I know God has the answer,

He knows how and when.

I’m sure He isn’t pleased

This world is so full of sin.


Let’s all go back

To the good old days

When families prayed together

And God has His way.


We shall never forget

Coronavirus 2020,

When times were easy

In this land of plenty.


Can change anytime,

In the twinkling of an eye.

We’ve witnessed that

So many have died.


The President has a hard job

Knowing what is best.

Let’s all stand together,

Let God do the rest.


Remember, we’re not home yet!


Lorraine Sargent

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