In Sunday's paper we documented how the new Boyd County animal shelter is still not complete.

If you missed the story, here are the basic facts:

— Groundbreaking on the 5,300 square foot facility took place in December 2017. Last December past Boyd County Fiscal Court Deputy Judge Executive Ed Radjunas said there were unforeseen problems including water issues and anticipated the shelter would open this February.

— Boyd County Judge-Executive Eric Chaney said there is still a lot of work to be completed and gave a tentative timeframe of four to six months before completion. All construction work is being done by the county's maintenance and construction crew, which Chaney noted poses an issue when work needs to be completed in other areas throughout the county as well.

— The shelter, located at 1021 Bob McCullough Dr., will feature 52 kennels (10 designated for isolation), 22 outside runs, a one acre fenced yard allowing animals the opportunity to exercise. The county is now looking at hiring a contractor to complete the work.

— The new shelter is certainly needed. The old shelter is in terrible condition. Work remaining on the new shelter includes pouring concrete, installing AC units, finishing up sheetrock installation and routing electricity into the building.

— The total project budget is $235,366 and that $75,000 was added to the 2019-20 county budget to complete it. Radjunas previously told The Daily Independent that the county initially contributed $50,000 to the project and that the City of Ashland contributed $25,000. Nancy McClellan, a late philanthropist, also willed the shelter $50,000.

We want to say right up front that the purpose of revisiting this issue today is not to criticize anyone involved in the project. In fact, we commend everyone involved. It is clear Boyd County needs a new animal shelter. Everyone involved in making this happen deserves a lot of credit for getting the project rolling. The purpose behind the new shelter is noble.

We also feel that it is important to get this project done. We suspect others feel the exact same way. The effort put in — the money raised — were all done with the best of intentions, and we think it is important for the county and its residents to find a way to get to the finish line on this project. With all the time and money invested already, we believe it is in the best interests of the county and the taxpayer to finish this.