Well, that didn't take long. Within one month of Kentucky voters electing a Democrat governor, the House Democrats want to raise taxes on all Kentuckians by increasing sales tax to 8% (along with certain property tax hikes). However, this shouldn’t come as a surprise as it illustrates just how out of touch the “party of the working man” has become. It is surprising they’ve taken such bold action like raising taxes in an election year though. This comes as Kentucky Democrats are in the minority.

 Just imagine what chaos they’d bring if they were in the majority. One just has to look nationally at impeachment proceedings to see how bad Democratic ideas have become. On one hand, they crusade as defenders of the working-class poor. On the other hand, they raise taxes to give financial benefit to a group of their supporters. And make no mistake, this massive tax increase Kentucky Democrats would see levied is necessary for Gov. Andy Beshear to keep his pledge to teachers who supported his campaign. If he wants to reward the real hero behind his election win, he should send a check to the campaign of the third-party candidate.

This wanna-be tax increase comes on the heels of the news Bellefonte Hospital in Greenup County is closing by September. How much more can we take? Maybe all those laid off can get in line at Braidy Industries.

I’m not worried the Kentucky Republican majority will entertain this sales/property tax increase, but just remember there are national elections this year as well. If you have friends or family in other states, please plead the case — vote Republican for the U.S. House and Senate or face the full fury of today’s Democrats unbound. After all Kentucky, elections have consequences!

Andrew Maning


Letter to Gov.

Beshear about OLBH

Dear Honorable Gov. Andy Beshear:

We need your help! Our area’s hospital in Greenup County has announced it is CLOSING in September 2020! I’m sure you have heard about the loss of major options of medical care and more than 1,000 jobs, but let me share more concerns:

1. Losing OLBH creates a monopoly situation in our area! Prices are high enough; nor should we have to travel away for affordable care!

2. Unemployment in our county is higher than 6% and is only 3.7% for the country while Kentucky ranks 43rd with 4.4%!

3. Our area has been anticipating the building of Braidy Industries which has not happened!

4. I volunteer with community organizations and constantly see statistics on increased substance abuse and the need and costs for rehabilitation centers! This great job loss can easily increase drug trafficking! We know there are prescription drug abuse and other opiate addictions already plaguing us!

5. OLBH not only provides wonderful medical care, but it provides services from Meals on Wheels, hernia & cancer screenings, flu shots, Diabetes support, smoking cessation workshops, STEM programs and other donations to community groups!

Can you declare a state of emergency and get federal or state funding for us? Please let me know how we can help!

God bless our families!

Send concerns to https://governor.ky.gov/contact/contact-us.

Bren Martin


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