Everybody is counting the days until the end of social distancing. I have found a unique way to count: days of working at home.

I started with Day 2, because Day 1 was so disorienting, it didn’t occur to me to start counting.

Counting occurs on social media, where each day, I make an observation. It started with the things I miss while being away from the office, things like funny remarks from coworkers, wearing a new blouse for the first time, the cheap Oreos for sale in an adjoining office, being able to pick up and hold the newspaper in my hands.

I even mentioned missing having someone to tell about my dreams the previous night. That morning, I had dreamed about asking Dr. Anthony Fauci to write me a prescription for leg cramps, which I found especially amusing.

It was right about then I ran out of things I missed about work.

Let’s face it. I’m working from home, so I’m not missing out on the experience of writing and reporting. I can’t say I miss the commute, and by the time I got several days in, I had mentioned quite a few things I miss. What was I to do?

I realized there are plenty of observations I could make about working from home, being bored and trying to get by with things as they are.

As much as possible, I wanted these observations to be funny. We all need lots of laughs right now, as many laughs as possible, so I’m trying to do my part by revealing:

I have Boris Johnson hair.

I could use a peach daquiri.

I think I’m getting on my dog's nerves.

Tomato sauce is not salsa.

My dog needs grooming so bad I can't tell which end is which.

If I can't get my Keurig going, things are gonna get real Mingo County real fast.

Hump Day has lost all meaning.

Wearing pants feels weird now.

My cat brought in three mice in the last 24 hours. Recipes?

Now do you understand why your grandma reused aluminum foil?

As long as I stay busy, I’m hoping I will have something funny to say every day. At least I think I’m funny. To someone who enjoys humor, that’s the most important thing.

We have to laugh. We might also cry a little here and there; do what you have to do. Laughter is essential to getting through hard times, so I’m going to continue to be funny and I hope I’ll make everyone I communicate with laugh, too.

But if nothing else, at least I think I’m funny.

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