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What is the first thing you think of when you hear “Cinco De Mayo?” Tacos and salsa! Yes, me too, but food is in a different article. I was referring to sombreros and maracas. Let’s make a couple crafts for Cinco De Mayo or just to liven up an average “Taco Tuesday.”



Plastic Easter egg

2 clear plastic spoons


Ribbon or strips of paper

Dry rice or popcorn


Place enough of the rice or popcorn inside the egg to get a rattle sound you like. With the egg between the bowls of the spoons, tape securely. Wrap tape around the spoon handles to form one handle for the maracas. Decorate as desired. Cover the tape with strips of paper, ribbons or decorative tape.  

These would be cute as place cards on the table for your Cinco De Mayo get together.



Clay flowerpot

Drip saucer (at least one size larger than the top of your flowerpot)






Upend the flowerpot onto the upright saucer, forming the crown and upturned brim of the sombrero. Glue in place.

Paint the flowerpot and saucer.

When completely dry, glue pom-poms around the rim of the saucer to resemble the pom-pom trim that hangs off the brim of many sombreros.

These sombreros can be made from any size pot/saucer. You can make them larger enough to decorate your porch or small enough to adorn your tablescape.  

They would be just as cute made with paper cups and disposable dessert saucers. It would make a great project for a group of scouts or a classroom. Or you could make them in this very economic way and put treats in them as favors for your Taco Tuesday guests to take home with them.

Happy Kentucky Derby! Happy Cinco De Mayo! Happy Crafting!

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