You’ve probably never looked at a clothes pin and thought “I could make a really accessory with that.” But maybe you should. You can make a very cute bracelet with the springs from those clothes pins and a few colorful beads.


Spring type clothes pins

Beads (I used plastic pony beads, but you can use any bead with a hole large enough to fit over the wire)

*The number of clothes pins and beads will depend upon the size bracelet you will be making.


Carefully disassemble the clothes pins.  The easiest way to do this is to gently slide the wooden sides apart until one side is free then remove the spring from the remaining side.

Add your beads to each side of the spring “legs,” the number will depend on the size of your selected beads. I needed three on each side to fill the area. Try not to bend the spring out of shape.

When your beads are in place, slide the folded over ends into the coil of the next spring. Continue in this manner until your bracelet is large enough to slip over your hand. The bracelet is finished off by securing the last section into the coil of the first section just as with the others.  

Sometimes the bracelet will start to curl, to keep it flat you may have to reverse some of the sections. Each spring coil will have an end that stands out away a little more, if you may need to alternate which side the larger coil is on.

This same idea could be used to make a headband by securing the ends with elastic. Or if you really enjoy making the sections, you could make enough to go around your waist, add ribbons or leather cord for a tie closure and make an adorable belt.

And don’t worry about all the leftover wooden clothes pin parts, they are not going to be wasted. I’ll show you a cute craft to do with them next week!

Until then, stay healthy and happy crafting.

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