Kim's craft stones


As you may remember, we did worry stones a few weeks ago, these are a bit like that.  You could even use that worry stone to make some of these.


Flat glass marbles or sea glass

Nail polish (assorted colors, even a crackle finish can be used, but clear is needed in all projects)

Craft wire (this is a good time to use up the bits of leftover colored wire)

Chain, jewelry findings, fishing line

Glue (E6000 works best)

Optional: glitter, wrapping or scrapbooking paper, markers, paint


Use the nail polish (or paint/markers) to cover the back of the marble.  If using a paper cutout adhere it with a glue stick to the back of the stone face up and then add your nail polish.  After you are happy with your design, cover the entire back with at least two coats of clear nail polish to protect it. (If you are using a crackle finish polish, start with a layer of clear, followed by the crackle polish and then your other color)

Make a loop with your craft wire, since this is where your chain will attach, make sure it is secure by twisting it around itself several times.  Lay it flat against the back of your stone, with the loop sticking up, and start wrapping the wire around the marble until it is secure and you are happy with the design.

Cover the back with a layer of E6000 (or nail glue) to make sure everything stays in place.  After the glue dries the entire stone and wire can be painted with clear nail polish to give it a wet look.

The stone is now ready to add to your chain.

But it could also be added to a keychain or pet collar.  How about stringing several onto lengths of fishing line and then made into a windchime/suncatcher for your window or porch.  Do away with the loop and glue several onto a glass or jar to use as a votive candle holder (if using outdoors, you may want to add some sand or aquarium gravel for weight)  After you’ve made a couple, your creativity kicks in and you can find lots of places to put them.

Stay healthy and happy crafting!

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