If you haven’t already done so, please exercise your right to vote. Trust that it will be counted in an election that is free of widespread corruption. Pray that all the candidates will accept the results and we can turn our attention away from the divisive partisan politics that have dominated government in recent years and that those elected can concentrate on working together for the good of this nation.

Although Tuesday is Election Day, I am 99% sure that my wife and I are the only eligible voters in our immediate family who have not already voted. I thought about voting by absentee ballot as I did in the May primary, but unlike our children and one grandchild who are eligible to vote, my wife and I plan to go to our precinct Tuesday and cast our vote in person.

It’s not that I don’t trust other valid ways of voting, it is just that’s the way we have voted except on those rare occasions when we have voted absentee because we were not going to be in town on Election Day or we were in college.

I am not happy with our choices for President. I can think of people in both parties that I would rather vote for, but they are not on the ballot. I won’t vote for a third-party candidate because that would be throwing my vote away.

I have not enjoyed this presidential campaign in the least. The low point was the first debate where President Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden both acted more like two spoiled children in a heated argument on a grade-school playground than two mature men seeking to be the leader of the free world. My 11-year-old granddaughter watched a portion of that shouting match and when she left the room to go to bed, my wife said, “I was embarrassed for her. No child should have to listen to such antics.”

The second debate was a little better, but the town hall gatherings were so disjointed that when I tried to watch them I soon gave up. I thought the vice presidential debate was the most civil and informative, but the vice presidential candidates have never been a factor on who I voted for president.

It bothers me greatly that President Trump has so disparaged how people are allowed to vote this year, that I think he has discouraged some from voting at all. Shame on him.

However, the presidential race is not the main reason I am voting this fall. I want to vote for the Ashland city commission, Boyd County clerk and other races on the ballot. These are the only candidates I know personally, and what they do in office has far more impact on me than the president.

Vote. Just remember that the person you did not vote for is not nearly as bad as portrayed in the negative ads that dominate today.

I hope long before Dec. 1, we will know who will be president come Jan. 20. After all, he will be our president even if we did not vote for him.

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