The results of the Nov. 3 presidential election will not be official until Electoral College votes are officially cast and tabulated on Dec. 14. As it now stands,  Democrat Joe Biden will receive 306 Electoral College votes to President Donald Trump’s 232.

Despite Trump’s efforts to have thousands of votes cast in key battleground states thrown out by the courts because of fraud, those numbers are unlikely to change. To date, Trump’s lawyers are batting zero (.000) in their legal efforts to overturn the election of Biden.

The Electoral College vote in Kentucky will be 8-0 for Trump based on the two U.S. Senators and six members of the U.S. House of Representatives Kentucky has.

In 48 of the 50 states and the District of Columbia, the Electoral College votes will be unanimous, but not in Maine and my wife’s home state of Nebraska, where the Electoral College votes will be split. That’s because, in my opinion, those are the only states that cast their Electoral College votes in what I believe is the fairest and most democratic way.

Since the number of Electoral College votes each state gets is largely based on the number of members of the U.S. House it has, I think the vote should be based on the number of Republicans and Democrats each state has in the U.S.House. That’s a fairer way than the “winner-takes-all” system practiced in all but Nebraska and Maine.

For the first time ever, the Electoral College votes in both Nebraska and Maine will be split. Biden carried Maine and will receive two Electoral College votes for that, but since a Democrat and a Republican won the state’s two U.S. House seats, the Electoral College votes for Maine will be 3-1 for BIden.

In Nebraska, one of its three House seats was won by a Democrat, and the Electoral College vote for the state will be 5-1 for Trump.

All eight of Kentucky’s Electoral College votes will be cast for Trump because Kentucky is a winner-take-all state. However, if the same system in Maine and Nebraska existed in Kentucky, the vote would be 7-1 for Trump since Biden won the Louisville district.

According to a website about the Electoral College, if every state voted like Nebraska and Maine does, Mitt Romney would have been elected president in 2012 instead of Barack Obama.

The chances of dozens of states joining Nebraska and Maine in changing the way its Electoral College votes are cast, are just about nill, but I still think it is a fairer way.

I am 99% sure that on Jan. 20, Joe Biden will be inaugurated as the next president. However, I am far less certain Donald Trump will be present for that ceremony. He may still be standing by his unsubstantiated election night claim that “I won by a lot.”


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