Al-Zarqawi unknown to anti-war folks

There doesn't seem to be a person on the planet without an opinion about the war in Iraq.

Members of one group believe we must fight terrorism at all cost.

The other group believes the war is illegal, and that we’re there “for the oil.” Many in that group even think President Bush should be charged with war crimes.

The day the world learned that the fine men and women of the United States military had made worms’ meat of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, I performed an experiment. I went around asking, “Hey, did you hear we got al-Zarqawi?”

The pro-war folks said, “Yeah, isn’t that great?” — or something to that effect.

Without exception, those in the other camp said, “Who's al-Zarqawi?”

I rest my case.

Kathy Fraser, Boyd County

Mall event targets small businesses

Need help starting or growing a small business? If so, be sure to mark your calendar for Monday, June 26, and come to the Ashland Town Center (main entrance).

Morehead State University’s Ashland Small Business Development Center (SBDC) will be there with literature on starting and expanding your small business, types of business opportunities, business planning, licensing and permits, and money sources and loan options for entrepreneurs. They will be providing free and confidential 15-minute consulting services throughout the day to anyone seeking advice. The first 30 people to come in and register will receive free QuickBooks‚ New Business Starter Kit Software.

The event is being co-sponsored by Morehead State University/Ashland Small Business Development Center, the Ashland Alliance, and the Ashland Town Center mall. It will be from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

If you have a small business or have always wanted to own a small business, you need to stop by and see the staff of the SBDC. We will be there to assist you and answer your questions.

Kim Jenkins, director, Ashland SBDC

Blazer class plans 20-year reunion

The Paul G. Blazer High School Class of 1986 is planning its 20-year reunion for June 24-25. We’re searching for contact information for the following classmates:

Nancy Baldridge, Talitha Barbian, Eddie Barker, Donald Bester, Brenda Bivins, Sheila Blair, Kevin Blake, John Boling, Pam Bowman, Beth Brown, Lisa Brown, David Burks, Jason Carpintero, Mary Colegrove, Robin Craig, Keith Craycraft, Kelly Davis, Wendy Early, David Edmond, Brian Estep, Eleisa Fannin, Lisa Flowers, Jessica Gibson, James Gillum, Tiera Gonzales, Lee Griffith, Tim Grizzle.

Doris Hamilton, Ryan Harper, David Harvey, Greg Harvey, Teresa Hatfield, Christi Hayes, David Henderson, Todd Henry, Kim Hickman, Julie Jarvis, Jennifer Johnson, Margo Johnson, Scott Kirk, Jim Kitchen, Kristen Kitchen, Missy Larkin, Lisa Lewis, Rick Long, Dean Matthews, Missy Maynard, Mark McDonald, Bill McDowell, Patty Paige, Roseann Perry, Sonja Price, Steve Reeve, Greg Rice, Tony Rice, Sabrina Riley, Danny Sallie, Anita Seabright, Brent Sheffield, Leonard Smallwood, Eva Smith, Leann Smith, Vicky Smith, Robbie Spencer, Bryan Stevenson, Jamie Thomas, Mark Tullis, Steve Vanover, Kevin Vasvary, Dana Vinson, Kim Vogel, Roger Wagoner, Kathy Weidel, Anna Williams, Stacey Wilson, Katie Young.

A dinner dance will be Saturday, June 24, at Elite Catering, 1401 Winchester Ave. A family picnic will be Sunday, June 25, at Ashland Central Park near the bandstand from 12:30 p.m. to 4 p.m.

If you have any information on these classmates or need details for the reunion, please contact Todd and Angela Childers at (606) 324-5225 or send an e-mail to

Todd Childers, Class of 1986, Paul G. Blazer High School

AHS class of 1951 still needs addresses

The Ashland High School class of 1951 still is seeking addresses of classmates as we prepare for another reunion:

James Baker, Nancy Beck, Forrest Burns, Ann Chamberlain, Mollie Rosalie Chinn, Roy Clark, Phyllis Davis, Jenny Elswick, Mary Olive Haney, Janet Lee Hays, Jerry Henson, Frances June Moore, Reva Patrick, Carolyn Patton, Thelma Reynolds, Robert Rice, Tom Rice, Isador Schenker, Francis Ann Smith, Helen Stevens, Frances Ward, Darrell Willis and Rachel Woods.

Anyone with information on any of these classmates is asked to call Mary Sue Farley at (606) 833-5763.

Mary Sue Farley, Raceland

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