Writer opposes sale of alcohol

This is in regards to the “moist” issue in Boyd County.

I believe that we all are aware of the devastating effects of alcohol in our society today. Our kids are killing themselves and others daily on the highways as a result of alcohol addiction. Families are being torn apart due to its effect. Once given a foothold, alcohol will creep in like a dark cloud, obscuring the reality of life, until such time that it devastates nearly everything in its path. I know. I’ve been there. I spent the greater part of 1972 and 1973 drunk.

In regards to the issue at hand, it would be hard to imagine restaurant patrons in a drunken stupor. It will, however, give people an opportunity to drink alcoholic beverages and could very possibly be that setting wherein one starts down the road of alcoholism. And one person becoming an alcoholic is one person too many.

As a Christian, I believe that it behooves us be a sober people. I am personally against the sale and use of alcohol and hope that every Christian in Boyd County thinks likewise. I will consider it a blessing to vote “no” on the issue and hope everyone else will, too.

John F. Enyart, Ashland

Anne Northup can win in November

I’m supporting Anne Northup for governor. While it's never easy to vote against an incumbent, especially one in your own party, the stakes are too high to do otherwise this year.

Republicans must nominate someone who can win in November. If we lose, we return control of state government to those who have used political office for their own personal gain for decades. If we lose, those with a liberal agenda will be back in power.

If our current governor is the nominee, he’s the issue. Just as we heard in the recent Democratic lieutenant governor’s debate, we’ll hear about indictments, corruption, pardons and Ernie Fletcher until November. That's what the Democrats want: Make the governor the issue, and they won’t have to run on the issues they support — issues Kentuckians oppose.

Many say the governor just did the same things the Democrats did. That may be true, but don't we, as Republicans, hold ourselves and those we elect to a higher standard? I hope so.

Anne Northup will win in November. She will strongly support those issues we hold dear. She is strongly pro-life. She is a lifetime member of the NRA and supports the rights of gun owners. She is for schools that educate our children and are accountable to taxpayers and, more importantly, parents, not the special interests and the teachers unions.

Running for Congress in the state’s most hostile district to Republicans, Anne was elected to five terms. Anne supported conservative causes in both Frankfort and Washington and was still able to be re-elected four times. Anne is a winner because the issues she supports are winners.

If your loyalty is to the Republican Party and the issues we hold dear, vote for the only Republican who can win in November: Anne Northup.

Michael R. Stewart, Ashland

Richards in touch with people, issues

This letter is to all Democrats. In the upcoming Democratic primary, we have a chance to elect the man who is the current speaker of the house. He is longest running speaker of the house in history.

He has been in the House of Representatives for 23 years. He is a friend of the working people of Kentucky. He has fought hard against legislation that negatively affects the working people of the state. He is an educator and the son of a teacher, so he’s in touch with all the issues of education. He’s the son of a farmer and is in touch with issues on the family farms.

Being raised by a farmer and teacher and working for a living himself, he is definitely in touch with all the health care issues in the state. The United Steelworkers have endorsed him as their candidate in this primary because he is in touch with all issues that affect the working families of this state and he is on our side.

I’m calling on people to get out and vote for Jody Richards and John Y. Brown III this Tuesday.

Dave Martin, Vice president, U.S.W 214, Rush

Efforts of many made courts reality

The East Carter High School tennis team and the general public in Carter County will soon have access to four new tennis courts being built at East Carter Middle School. The courts are the result of a total community effort and a lot of people have been part of that effort.

The effort to build the courts began several years ago when former Carter County School Superintendent Larry Prichard convened several meetings of community leaders and sent out numerous informational letters. Through his and others’ efforts, $15,000 was raised, and without these donations, the project would never have gotten off the ground. The donors were Willis Kelly and the First National Bank, Sam and Darlene Perry of McDonald’s, Jack Strother Jr. and the Commercial Bank, Carol Fraley and Grayson RECC, and the Grayson Tennis Club, circa 1983.

When funding efforts slowed, Robin Webb, Charlie Borders and the 2006 Kentucky General Assembly revived the project by including $40,000 in their budget specifically for the East Carter courts. In the meantime, a change in funding procedures required Judge-Executive Charles Wallace and the Carter County Fiscal Court to approve the $40,000 to be used for the project, and they graciously voted to award the funding.

With the $15,000 in donations and $40,000 in state funds in hand, the Carter County Board of Education voted to supply the additional funding needed to build the courts. With a bid of $116,900, the board will pay $61,900 to complete the project. I thank the board for its support, especially chairman Bob FIaugher, who has helped us in many ways. I also thank current superintendent Darlene Gee and East Carter Middle principal Shannon Wilburn for helping us secure a site.

James Johnson, East Carter Tennis Patrons, Grayson

’97 Blazer class needs addresses

The Paul Blazer 1997 class reunion committee is looking for the following people:

Stephanie Barker, Sarah Bartrum, Adam Bostick, Chad Braley, Rico Bush, Becky Caudill, Tommy Chen, Seth Clanton, Corinna Cochran, Stacy Crump, Andrew Daniels, Erica Davis, Garrett Dye, Brandon Estep, Julie Ferguson, John Gussler, Aaron Helms, Chris Jackson, Stephen Kesner, Natasha Kirk, Michelle Kretzer, Tim Layne, Karina McGraw, Angie Melvin, Vic Messer, Julie Mills, Jennifer Moore, Rick Mullins, Missi Pinkerman, Tana Renn, Matt Rucker, Jason Shields, Matthew Stapleton, Jason Sparks, Thomas Stewart, Michael Sycks, Charles Thompson, Chris Wardle, Monica Washington, April Wheeler and Tim Yates.

Anyone with current addresses for these classmates is asked to contact Ashley Womack at (606) 325-8380 or Brooke Elswick at (606) 329-2588. The 10-year reunion will be June 15 and 16.

Brooke Elswick and Ashley Womack, Ashland

Letters invited

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