Many Republicans also are lacking

This is in response to the June 20 letters from Randy Webb and Robert McKeand.

Mr. Webb wrote: “Democrats try to sabotage victory, humilitate our president and disgrace our country.”

Multitudes fall into that category, and party choice isn’t the qualifying factor. Linguistics, a person’s conduct, lack of ethical judgment and character distinguish between an admirable or disgraceful person.

Just as many Republicians fall short in being meritorious citizens, so don’t let their party title fool you!

In the eyes of our enemy and many Americans wanting the Iraq war to end, our president and other leaders lacked proper intelligence and sufficient communication to make an accurate assessment in choices of peaceful resolve vs. conflict resulting in bloodshed.

“God Bless our military who protect and defend us all,” wrote Mr. Webb. I couldn’t agree more, but I believe Mr. Mckeand spoke clearly of the problem at hand saying, “If people believe all is well, which planet have they been visiting?”

Any American who sees it differently couldn’t be blinder than a man with no eyes. A radio host stated it best: “Wake up, America!” — and that’s precisely what we need to help guide our nation in the right direction.

It’s disheartening and shameful at times to read, listen or watch about what this country’s next step might be.

Regardless of whether those leading us are Democrat or Republician, they need to actually possess integrity, know the definition of compromise, deliberation and repercussion.

Holding the American people and this nation’s best interest at heart, they need to overlook their own personal agenda when making decisions that cost lives and this country’s reputation to the world.

Tammi Conley, Ashland

State’s incest laws need to be changed

I read with great disappointment the recent story about the Bolick case of incest. To believe that this innocent child now has a lifetime of terrible thoughts and memories and is raising a child with a disability — all because of a sick-minded father who may be let go with little more than a slap on the wrist — is just too much.

Laws need to be changed to let the punishment fit the crime. I hope the judge will consider this family's life sentence and will give him the maximum amount of time allowed under the current law with no chance of early release.

Patti Queen, Ashland

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