Did Johnny Juzang leave UK because he foresaw the disastrous year that UK was going to have this year? He led UCLA with 28 points in its defeat of No. 1 seed University of Michigan. I wish he had stayed at UK; maybe we would have made the NCAA tournament as usual.

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Kentucky Broadband Speed Test

Boyd County and Ashland: We need your help!

Go to speedtest.ky.gov to take the Kentucky Broadband Speed Test today.

Bridging the digital divide has never been more important. High-speed, functional internet is a critical service that now facilitates the delivery of health care, education and remote work.

We’re living in the golden age of broadband and broadband funding right now. Never before has there been such consensus around the importance of solving this problem that especially affects our rural, mountainous communities in eastern Kentucky.

To be in a position to apply for and receive state and federal broadband funds targeting unserved and underserved areas, data from sources like the Kentucky Broadband Speed Test are critical to showing a clear path to where broadband is needed most.

However, right now, Boyd County’s response rate is below where it needs to be for this data to be utilized.

We’re working with several different counties in eastern Kentucky with Boyd County being one of them that are under the minimum 4% household response rate needed for this speed test data to be useful. It’s really important residents in Boyd County take this test and then get a friend, family member or neighbor to take it as well.

Counties unable to hit 4% likely will not be as competitive for future grant funding compared to other counties and cities across the state with higher response rates.

The Kentucky Broadband Speed Test is in partnership with Gov. Andy Beshear, Lt. Gov. Jacqueline Coleman, the Center for Rural Development and SOAR.

To take the test, simply go to speedtest.ky.gov, and follow the instructions at the bottom of the page. It takes around 45 seconds to complete.

For more information on the Kentucky Broadband Speed Test or SOAR, you can email Colby at Colby.Hall@soar-ky.org.

Colby Hall

SOAR executive director

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