The Senate recently concluded its trial of the former president and while unsurprising in its outcome clearly demonstrates that the current batch of Republican Senators in no way represent the values of duty, honor and country. The at-the-time Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell postponed the impeachment trial until after the inauguration, then cravenly voted — along with 42 other Republicans — that the former president could not be convicted since he was no longer in office. Then he demonstrated the full depth of his hypocrisy by savaging his once ally on the floor of the Senate. 

This vote was at its best partisan politics that placed party over country. At worst, it represents the worst in all of us, betrayal of oaths taken, brought dishonor upon the Senate and embraced authoritarian rule. 

They knew his guilt and just didn’t care. They showed a lack of courage that should be an embarrassment to the constituencies that put these people in office. They shirked their duty by not taking this trial seriously. There were some that missed portions of the trial, knowing the import of it and just ignoring their responsibilities as representatives of the people. They did not give due diligence to the task at hand. Some openly mocked the proceedings, such as Sens. Rand Paul and Josh Hawley considering these weighty proceedings as a waste of their time. 

If we are to survive this grand experiment in democracy, these people and the causes they represent must be repudiated. Some should be censured or charged with aiding and abetting. We the people should send a message loud and clear to those who would abuse the power we have given them, that these actions will not stand, will not be allowed, and that there will be accountability. 


Rev. EF Romans


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