I read most of the "Opinion" page of the Jan. 9-10 paper, which was really a "slamming" of the  American people and Donald Trump. One writer said that the events of Wednesday were not attacking an issue. I beg to differ. The events of Wednesday were attacking an election that was decided by mail-in ballots which are wide open for cheating and fraud. Everybody knows that.

One of your writers called Trump a "dictatorial president.” Have you forgotten Bill Clinton? Bill Clinton killed more white American citizens than Geronimo! Remember “Ruby Ridge” and “Waco?”

Has anyone questioned why an unarmed woman was shot down in the capitol by D.C. police? Good grief! Any trained policeman should be able to control an unarmed female without shooting her.

I am sure the people of 1776 faced the same kind of liberal press that we face now.

It is odd that the same people who wouldn't accept a legal election in 2016 are now up in arms because some people object to a possibly rigged election in 2020.

By the way, somebody let me know when Biden and company start taxing the mega-rich. That was their campaign promise.


Randall McGlone 


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