I still feel afraid and unsafe around people who don’t wear masks in public. It’s because they are the ones spreading COVID-19, sometimes unknowingly.

I now feel safer going into Walmart with all employees and customers wearing masks.

COVID-19 is a preventable respiratory disease spread person to person through the air. Masks block the virus both in and out.

Think of the pandemic like a fire. Every log put on a fire makes the fire bigger and/or last longer. Every log kept off the fire makes it smaller. Without any logs added, a fire burns itself out.

Each infected person infects an average of two more. That’s an exponential increase — 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, etc. We’ve had 20 of mostly maskless weeks during the pandemic.

Masks reduce the infection. One infected mask-wearer prevents two new cases, and two prevent four new cases, and so on.

If everyone would wear a mask for the next six weeks and follow other preventive procedures, we could put out the pandemic fire.

The First Baptist Church in West Union, Ohio, had an outdoor sign that read, “We are free to make choices but not free from the consequences.”

The consequences of not wearing masks, thus letting new cases build, will be more stay-at-home orders, closed businesses, closed schools, sports shutdowns, smaller gatherings and product shortages.

If we want a return to a more normal life, we will have to earn it with preventive behavior until there is a vaccine.

So, just wear a mask in public, It won’t kill you, and might prevent somebody else being killed by a disease you gave them.

Barbara Lund

Lynx, Ohio

Democrat leaders

are failing

I would like to respond to a letter posted in The Daily Independent on July 23 by Earl Ferguson of Wurtland.

In his post, he represented the truth of what is going on in America. He talks of goons arresting protesters. These are federal agents, not troops who are there to stop the violence being created by looters and burners.

This is not protesting; it is rioting. He talks about some quotes by several people talking against President Trump. These are people’s opinions, and just that — someone’s opinion.

The Democrat leaders of these cities are not doing enough to stop the violence. People in these cities are living under fear and intimidation. For whatever reason, the mayors and governors who are Democrats refuse to stop this violence. Why do they not condemn it and for what reason?

People are getting killed and harmed by these violent people. Antifa is one such radical group, and now there is NFAC joining in the chaos. They want to defund the police so they can rule the cities and streets without opposition.

Why does no leader in the Democrat party speak up against these rioters? They have an agenda to destroy America. If we lose our country now, we will not be able to get it back — pulling down statues that represent our history and changing names of football teams. They are trying to change our history.

This was done in Nazi Germany. A country without a history is not a country. The fact is that no President in history has worked harder or done more for America.

I could list the President’s accomplishments, but it would take up a whole page. Either you know the truth of what this President has done or you don’t; and if you don’t, then you have turned your head to the truth.

Galen Vallance


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