This letter, while political in nature, is bipartisan and will greatly benefit both parties.

It has come to my attention that many people are changing their voter registration to Independent rather than Republican and Democrat.

Believe me, I totally understand.

I would just like to make folks aware that any registration aside from Republican or Democrat cannot vote in the primary election, so change can best be served by voting to change our parties to best represent our ideals by replacing those in office with better candidates.

Also, there is currently a push to convene an Article V Convention of States to propose the following Constitutional Amendments:

• Impose fiscal restraints on federal government

• Limit the power and jurisdiction of federal government

• Limit the term of office for federal officials and members of Congress

It takes 34 states to convene, 38 states to pass. We currently have 15 states on board.

If we limit the terms of Congress, each member will have a limited number of years in office. They will make better laws because, unlike now, they will have to live under the laws they create after leaving office.

This is our best possibility to take control of our country away from from both parties who have taken far to much power away from us than ever should have been allowed, and give it back to the “We the People” as it was originally written into our Constitution

Please visit for more information and to sign the petition.


Kenny Parker


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