More people voted in the 2020 presidential election than in 2016. And we are to believe most voted for Biden? “C’mon man!” He could only garner a few cars at his rallies. The news media installed Joe as president-elect, not the voters.  

Since there have been allegations and some evidence of fraudulent mail-in ballots cast, there must be an investigation. We the voters need to know if our vote was canceled by an illegal ballot.

The Federalist website shows a picture of a gravestone of an elderly man who died in 2017. Miraculously, he voted in Clark County, Nevada. I’m sure more of these “miracles” occurred across the country.

The Democrats, news media, pollsters, Twitter, Facebook and never-Trump Republicans have spent millions of dollars during the past four years trying to unseat a duly elected President. They determined not to allow the election to give him four more years.

Before Joe emerged from his basement, he decided to take advantage of people's fears of the virus, by scaring voters into voting by mail, knowing it would be easy to manipulate the ballots. They warned us ahead of time that if the president was leading on election night, we should not believe it.

Vote-counting stopped and in the early morning hours, the Democrat operatives “found” enough ballots to put Biden in the lead.

Just as Al Gore challenged the results in 2000, so Donald Trump is challenging these results. Gore did not concede the election to George Bush until Dec. 13, 2000. Though not smoothly, the transition happened. We'll be fine.

Glenda Wellman-Conn


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