I just heard Donald Trump say on live TV that he was the opposite of John McCain, which is true. If Trump lives to 110, he will never be half the man John McCain was.

He said if he fought a war, he would win it. The Commander in Chief of the U.S. military thinks the Vietnam War was a military defeat for America. Trump even has a kick in the crotch for Vietnam veterans. The Vietnam War was lost in big cities and college campuses because of violent protesters.

You remember, the ones who burned the flag along with their draft cards, spit on the flags, made articles of clothing with the flag and some used it for toilet tissue. I remember.

When I came home from Vietnam in April 1971, people looked at me like I shot the Kennedys.

I am still against violent protests as much today as I was as a teenage military man. I’m not offended by a Black athlete taking a knee during the National Anthem. We have the right to peaceful protest, except in D.C., where peaceful protesters were assaulted with tear gas and rubber bullets. That is a fact.

I saw it happen on live TV. Who’s next? Striking union workers or demonstrators against abortion? That could be anyone, even you and me. Vietnam veterans were patriots when patriotism wasn’t cool.

Trump said if he fought in a war, he would be a “great” warrior. If you believe that, I’ve got two bridges for sale downtown. Buy one, get one free. He had his draft deferment during the Vietnam War. He couldn’t serve our nation because of bone spurs. However, he played tennis, golf, croquet and whatever they played at his daddy’s country club. Heel spurs my butt.

Unlike Trump, I earned my right to free speech. The older I get, the more pride I take in being a Vietnam veteran. I was scared on my way to Vietnam — very scared, but at least I wasn’t a coward.

You know who I’m talking about. The only thing the U.S. Armed Forces lost in Vietnam was the support of American citizens.

Mike Hayes


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