I would like to respond to a letter to the editor that, in my opinion, is just another person’s opinion between President Trump and Joe Biden.

He talks about dementia and Biden; and his speech impediment. You do not have to be a doctor to know the difference between the two.

Dementia shows up usually as an old-age affliction and Brit Hume said it well. This happens as we get older, and he admitted that he has it as well.

Webster’s Dictionary’s definition of dementia: Any condition of deteriorated mentality esp. a decline in the appropriateness of a person’s emotional responses and in his intellectual powers.

I personally do not want a man in this condition running the country. But Joe has trouble with answering tough questions. In my opinion, that is why he takes no questions on the few occasions he does a live announcement. After he and his running mate’s acceptance speeches, he took no questions. There is a reason for this.

The letter to which I’m responding went on to mention some of the things Trump has done that are just not appropriate. Most people are guilty of inappropriate actions or statements in their past. If you are human, and our President is surely that, I am sure he has learned from his mistakes as most generally do.

Then it goes on to say that Biden will bring the integrity, empathy, compassion and truthfulness that this country needs. How does he know this? Does he know Joe personally? These are his opinions and should not be mistaken for fact. Joe told the leader of Ukraine that they would not get the $1 billion in aid of our money if they did not fire the prosecutor that was investigating his son — the prosecutor was not qualified in any way to hold that position.

Then Joe and his son flew to China on Air Force Two that we the people pay for and walked away with $1.5 billion. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure this one out. Joe also made sure all the members of his family got rich off his office. Once again, I do not want this man in the Oval Office. It is not personal; it is all about what is best for our country.

He goes on with more of his opinion about how he will chastise Putin. How does he know this? 

I would like to list all of Trump’s achievements for we the people, but there is not enough space for this. Anyone with an open mind can look it up.

I would like to state my own opinion. President Trump is the strongest and greatest President in American history, and time will prove me right or wrong.

Galen Vallance


Who is at fault?

There was a white male who got involved in an altercation with two females. For some reason, he took the keys belonging to one of the women and wouldn’t return them. The woman immediately called the police.

The police arrived and tried to defuse the situation with no success. In the meantime, the police ran a check on the white male. It came back that he had a warrant out on him for sexual assault. Also, his record showed he had previous run-ins with the police and carried weapons, usually.

When the police tried to arrest him, he drew a knife. When he refused to drop the knife, the police used a TASER on him and it had no effect. Instead, he started walking to his car with police following with weapons drawn.

Somewhere after the tasing, he had dropped the knife, but he opened his car door and appeared to reach inside the car for something. The police shot him several times.

Now, who is more at fault? The white male or the police? What if the scenario turns out to be true?

Now, what if the white male was actually a Black male? Would this change your mind about who is at fault? 

I’m now afraid that some Blacks, especially BLM Blacks who have a chip on their shoulders, think they shouldn’t be treated the same as whites in police-involved situations. They feel they should get a huge pass from police.

This should not be. The minute a Black male is accosted by police, BLM says he is immediately a victim, no matter what he may be confronted for by the police. Think about it.

George Waugh


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