Me thinketh there may be a troublemaker in our midst.

Our city commission certainly doesn’t need that. Be careful who you vote for. You might get more trouble than you bargain for.

Loretta Payne


Biden can restore

peace, lead nation

This letter is in response to Gary Ward’s letter posted on Monday, Aug. 31: “Biden’s mental sharpness should be in question.”

I wonder why Mr. Ward took one sentence from Joe Biden’s acceptance speech as evidence of mental acuity? I listened to Joe Biden’s speech and found it thoughtful, honest and sincere.

Mr. Ward went on to talk about school choices. Perhaps he intended to echo Trump's words from Tuesday night at the GOP convention: “Biden also vowed to oppose school choice and close all charter schools, ripping away the ladder of opportunity for Black and Hispanic children.”

Fact-checkers for NBC news said such an assertion is false: “… the Biden campaign does not oppose charter schools …”

Vice President Biden came from a struggling working-class family. He had to overcome a debilitating stutter. Yet, he managed to earn a law degree from Syracuse University and served as a public defender in Delaware before becoming a U.S. Senator, a role he faithfully carried out for 36 years, respected by both Democrats and Republicans. He will no doubt stress the importance of education for all people.

While he may not have the mental acuity of a 40-year-old, his experience and wisdom reveal that he is a man of character who has demonstrated his ability to restore peace and lead the nation.

Christina St. Clair


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