Our modern-day politics have become a great debauchery full of desires which leads us astray morally, because our politics are so corrupt.

It’s made many develop an extreme appetite to follow the politican who spouts these ideas of leadership.

Mitch McConnell and his fellow cronies are practicing “damage control” for allowing this scoundrel “The Donald” to get out of control. Donald’s many, many mistakes and downright errors are coming home to roost and Mitch is trying to clean them up while still trying to deal with “The Donald.”

We as born-again Christians from every racial stock and ethnic groups must learn and learn soon to worship together, have fellowship together, to live together in peace and harmony. It is not enough to love Christ our Lord with all our hearts and soul and mind and strength.

We must also be willing and eager to love our neighbors as we love ourselves. When we do this, we will be helping our democracy to heal and get back on track from this trainwreck.

Ralph Martin


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