I was totally shocked to read The Daily Independent on Sept. 21 and see in print that Mr. Shannon Wells say of Mitch McConnell, “for such an important man to come to our area, our small town, I think it’s a huge deal.” What is wrong with you people?

Mitch McConnell almost lived here when Ashland Oil and Armco was in operation. You must also remember McConnell is not important, we are. He works for us. Without us, he is not a Senator, but just another person.

McConnell only comes around every six years to claim how good he is and say he has done great things for Kentucky.

While making these false claims, remember he could only spare one minute for coal miners who traveled 14 hours to talk about their health care. Has McConnell said anything about KFC/Papa John’s headquarters moving from Louisville to Georgia?

Here are a couple of McConnell’s recent accomplishments: McConnell proposes a bill to combat doping in (not people) but racehorses; and the same day on C-Span 2 at 4:45 p.m., he asks on the floor of the Senate to pass a bill to make Sept. 25 National Lobster Day. I can only guess that all the lobster fishermen of eastern Kentucky are so proud.

With all this in mind, where is this important man on a jobs bill for Kentucky, and how about a relief bill for COVID-19 to help the people of eastern Kentucky?

Before you vote, check China Mitch’s (McConnell) voting record and see what he has and has not voted for.

One last thought: Why do Republicans believe only people for out of state can run our state?

McConnell (Alabama), Rand Paul (Texas or Pennsylvania), Matt Bevin (the Northeast) ... we came together in 2019 and sent Bevin packing. I only pray we can do it again in 2020 and send Mitch McConnell, Donald Trump and Thomas Massie packing. It’s time we have people that represent us.

Fred Ramey


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