I would like to publicly thank the Woodland Oaks Care Center for taking the time and effort to locate my sister-in-law, Jo Sheffield, to see that she got the planter that I sent her while she was recovering.

I made the mistake and sent them to their establishment instead of Kingsbrook Lifecare Center and they took the time to call all around Ashland to locate her and saw to it that she received the planter. I was very impressed with their care and concern. My hat is off to this facility! Thank you.

Joyce Sheffield Clark

Heber City, Utah

Green energy comes at a cost

From 2003 until I retired in December 2016 I worked in renewable energy. While working in the fuel cell industry I did installation cost estimates and I also hired construction companies to do the installations in Europe, Asia and the U.S. The cost of hydrogen fuel cell is approximately four and a half times per kilowatt than coal and natural gas.

At the present time there are four fuel cell power manufacturing companies in the U.S. Of these companies, only one makes its product in the U.S. and this company employs approximately 350 people. The other three use Chinese companies to manufacture their equipment. One person is needed to oversee the running of three different sites. The fuel cell stacks are sold as a five-year life span, but if they run at 100%, their life span is less than four years. This increases the kw cost.

In the solar industries, 90% of the solar panels are manufactured in China. Four years ago when I retired, solar panels lost 50% of efficiency in two years and in five years the solar panels had to be replaced. Solar panels take up large area for less power than coal or natural gas and solar cost approximately three times per kw than coal or natural gas.

In 2011 I had discussions with people from Detroit Edison, and they told me that they did research on wind power. I was told that it would take four years and nine months to get their involvement money back if the wind turbine ran seven days a week, 24 hours a day. By five years, the wind turbine had to be totally rebuilt. This would give the power company a small profit, however if the wind was not blowing, power is not made; and if the wind is too strong, the windmill needs to be locked out to prevent tearing up the gears inside the windmill.  

Therefore, the power company loses money. Most windmill blades are made in Spain and China. None of these forms of energy will create any jobs in the U.S. — all cost more per kw than coal or natural gas. If you want green energy be ready to spend more for your electricity and be ready to add thousands of people to the unemployment lines.

Michael Caudill


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