We followed the sounds of music from 17th Street, site of the former city jailhouse, to a rock’s throw away in the 15th Street alley way. There, glory, glory, hallelujah, an awesome celebration was popping! Viva Las Vegas! Whoopee!

We volunteers floated like clouds in a Blue Hawaii bubble atmosphere, from table to table of gifts, smiles and waves from Elvis-costumed personnel (such as Carla, Andrea, Susan and others), more gifts and “elbows.” Was Jim Smedley Elvis in person? Was Elvis really in the building? We saw him — his oversized, jeweled sunglasses, 5-inch-high black pompadour wig, wide sideburns and white sparkled jumpsuit.

It was impossible to keep from falling in love with him. What a hunk-a, hunk-a burning love — really! We just want him to be our Teddy Bear. Hope he wouldn’t return our letters marked, “Return to Sender.”

Leaving with our cache of gifts, cookies and inflated egos, we heard “Suspicious Minds” blaring on the intercom — no “Heartbreak Hotel” today, not even “Love Me Tender.”

A gigantic “thank you” to all our Hospice staff. What a rock-n-roll show!

This Hospice Volunteer Appreciation event was in Ashland on Nov. 6.

Wanda Huffman

Ashland (Hospice volunteer)

Relief should include SNAP

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused childhood hunger to soar to record-level highs. One in 4 children in Kentucky could face hunger this year because of this health and economic crisis.

But hunger is a problem we can actually fix. If Congress temporarily increases SNAP benefits by 15%, families in need would receive an additional $25 per person each month. This benefit is a lifeline for those in our state who are facing extreme hardship — unemployment, rising food prices, eviction and hunger — because of this pandemic.

I know because as a parent who relies on SNAP to help feed her family, this program offers us critical flexibility to get the nutrition my kids need.

It’s critical that Congress gets to work on a stimulus package that includes this SNAP increase. SNAP is one of the most effective ways to feed people and boost our economy.

Right now, Congress is failing these children by delaying a relief package and leaving nutrition assistance out of it. I urge Senators McConnell and Paul to work with Congress to pass a relief package that includes SNAP.

Valerie Frost


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