Last month I had the need to call for ambulance service. The Greenup County E-911 operator handled my “marbles in my mouth” speech request for an ambulance with my name and address. I was having a stroke.

Her confirmation and assurance was pleasant to my ears. When she asked me if my door was unlocked, she asked if I could unlock it and to not hang up with her until the ambulance arrived. I unlocked the door and told her that they were coming into my driveway. And she wished me well and told me to hang up now. The two EMTs confirmed who I was and began to take my vitals; within minutes I was laying in the ambulance and the driver explained the ride might be a little rough as he was going to be driving fast, and asked if that would scare me. I told him it would not. (It wasn’t bad at all.)

After confirming I wanted to go to King’s Daughters Hospital, we arrived at the hospital and the minute we were in the door they told the EMTs where to take me and the doctor was at the foot of my bed making statements about my condition i.e. “no face dropping, hands lifting upward, speech impaired, etc.” and then “take her for CT” and off I went.

The tests to determine my medical situation were with assurance of my comfort and my jewelry deposited in an empty false teeth cup seemed to take little time. Then another doctor appeared to give me the results, and she explained that I would be in ICU not because of my medical condition but because of COVID-19 staffing concerns, and I needed to be watched very closely the first 24 hours after an MIA stroke. The next day I was moved to a step-down room and the third day I was in a private room and then dismissed to go home.

The care I received from the time I dialed E-911 until I left the hospital three days later was exceptional in every way. I thank everyone involved in the event and wish that I could do it personally but I know no names, addresses or phone numbers, so if you are reading this, know that I thank you with all my heart for your time and attention.

Yetta Stevens


So what?

Sports boycotts? Good! Professional sports in this country have become a disgrace anyway. Who cares?

Carl D. Sutton


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