Your article in Wednesday’s paper (Nov. 4) had an interesting ending about Chris Harris and his loss to Judge Bob Conley. Mr. Harris is quoted bad-mouthing The Daily Independent for its coverage of Judge Conley. As I remember, The Daily Independent covered Conley’s fundraiser at the McConnell House in Wurtland. I was there and counted well over 50 participants eating hot dogs and drinking lemonade. Your newspaper photo showed Judge Conley talking to Ron Cartee.

The McConnell House is a historic building and tourist attraction. It is offered free of charge for political gatherings to Republicans, Democrats, Independents and non-political events like Judge Conley’s gathering. Mr. Harris could have had a similar event that I’m sure would have been covered by The Daily Independent, but he chose not to. Your article about this event is what led to the article about Conley’s public reprimand. I was unaware of that and I thought it would hurt his election chances unlike Harri,s who thinks you were covering his campaign to help his election!

I think your coverage of this race was more than fair.   

William B. Secrest


Sidewalks pushed down list?

This letter is in reference to “Shining spotlight on candidates” in the Oct. 18 edition of The Daily Independent.

One candidate spoke about sidewalks in residential areas. The “fact check” stated the city repairs sidewalks torn up from the water line repairs as soon as possible. I live on Iroquois Avenue, and from my front door I can see two busted-up sidewalks. One has been this way for more than three years, the other for at least five years.

I believe these areas have been “pushed down the list” long enough. When, if ever, will the city replace them? Also, is there a city ordinance concerning how long trash cans can be left out? If so, why is this not enforced?

Pamela Vallance


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