I have not watched an NFL game since the players started taking a knee during the National Anthem.

I have not purchased any of their products for my grandchildren. Now the NBA and MLB are showing disrespect during the Anthem, therefore I have not watched any of their games since their return and I have not and will not purchase any of their products.

Over the last four years, many entertainers have shown disrespect to the President of the United States and the people who elected him, and I stopped watching movies with these actors and I stopped listening to songs and going to concerts with the singers doing this. I stopped watching the late night shows and all award shows because of these people.

Entertainers and sport figures rely on people buying their products to make their overpriced salaries. They need to stay out of politics and do their job. In the past, entertainers and athletes might campaign for a candidate, but when the election was over, they supported the winner. It also looks like I will have more time this winter because I will not be watching UK basketball because I saw an ad with the Cats’ ball players taking a political stance.

I have worked in third-world countries and have seen how bad it can be, and what real abuse of power is. I have been in at least 10 countries where, as a white person, I was in the minority.

Michael W. Caudill


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