The Daily Independent had a nice article about Clarence “Soc” Clay, who died at age 86. Soc had much influence with almost everyone in Greenup County. He formed the Alben Barkley Club that pretty much governed the Democrat party in Greenup County. Alben Barkley served in both houses in Washington, D.C., and was the Vice President of the USA from 1949-1953.

Through the years, I had several people nominate me to the Greenup County Hall of Fame. I was never elected. Last year Soc submitted my application and I was elected. That’s the influence of Soc Clay. We all will miss him.

William B. Secrest


Bright, young

smiles in paper

What a beautiful way to begin the week with three photos of children who won the cookie baking contest! A simple smile can turn a gloomy day into a sunny one. And, they did. Let’s have more of our young children in the newspaper.  

After all, they are our best natural resource and our tomorrow. The inauguration of this contest was a success for sure!  

Kathleen Chamis


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