This is in response to Toni McDowell’s letter dated Oct. 15, “Do research on clerk candidates.”

After reading this letter I felt compelled to respond to correct the many misstatements that were written. The first statement is talking about open, honest, fair elections. It’s an election slogan by a candidate, not a negative expression toward the previous clerk in any manner. Our former clerk cross every T, and dotted every I. Every ballot was accounted for.

It is very obvious that Toni McDowell does not have knowledge of the laws regarding political party process. Any time a vacancy exists during a term of office, the party to which the office holder is registered to is required to meet within a certain time, and nominate a candidate to be placed on the ballot.

On May 7, the Democrat Executive Committee met, discussed the situation, felt Myra Jones King was the likely choice, especially with her years of knowledge and currently working in the office, the motion was made to nominate Myra Jones King by Sheriff Bobby Jack Woods and seconded by Sheila Lambert, and passed by a unanimous vote, according to the minutes of the meeting that were approved.

The next issue ... stating I was placed on the local Board of Elections is true almost two years ago by the Democrat Executive Committee, who is responsible for filling the position — not by the former clerk, and Proctor Castle, husband of the former clerk, is not on the executive committee, never has been, and does not want to be. As for my job on the county Board of Elections, I have stepped away from some duties as a board member, and I have a former board member performing those duties for ethical reasons.

I took an oath to uphold the election laws of the Commonwealth of Kentucky with honor and integrity, and I fully intend to do so.

The letter reads on to say Myra Jones King has five years of experience as a bookkeeper only, and that’s not accurate. Myra currently works in automobiles, and has worked in every department of the Boyd County Clerk’s Office except for the recording department (which has a very experienced crew), although Myra knows the process and the bookkeeping.

If Ms. McDowell has done her research, as she states, she certainly was not accurate with the facts. I want to set the record correct.

Craig King


Not a laughing matter

In the McGrath-McConnell debate, Mitch McConnell actually laughed about his failure to provide vital COVID-19 relief to millions of Americans. Such life-giving endeavors seem to bore him unless he is talking about his ruthless ability to stop progressive measures in the Senate or his relentless pushing forward of another far-right judge.

Thirty-six years of automatic re-elections have made him arrogant, smug and utterly dismissive of voters. I’m afraid his negative reach goes far beyond Kentucky residents.

James Hoover

Huntington Beach, California

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