In reply to Ralph Martin’s letter, let’s look at what the Bible tells us about the Sadducees:

1. The Sadducees were the aristocrats (powerful, ruling class) of Palestine. Although President Trump has become powerful, he was not from the ruling class. The ruling class would better be define the elitist, or those who want to control the world (One World Order for instance).

2. The Sadducees denied God and an afterlife. They believed they were the master of their own destiny. I have never heard a president praise God anymore than President Trump.

3. The Sadducees were all about money, and stole from the helpless countrymen In the temple (Jesus overturned the tables in the temple and initiated what lead to His crucifixion).  President Trump donates his salary and believes in capitalism.

I think Mr. Martin needs to do more research before he throws the first stone.


Phyllis Howard


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