Many of us in the community were saddened to learn the news of Our Lady of Bellefonte's closing affecting 1,000 employees and the community at large. It has been a landmark in the community for years and their Catholic mission outreach beyond reproach. In our fractured society, there is always a fine line between doing what is right and doing what we think is right. Let's hope those who opted to close the hospital did not cross those lines because people are always more important than profits. While no one really knows for certain the reason for its closing other than what we read, time will eventually tell. It always does.

Our thoughts and prayers to all those who were affected in hopes that many doors of opportunities for other employment would be opened very soon. And, thank you for the wonderful services you have provided for us throughout the years!

Kathleen Chamis




So, our editorial staff at The Daily Independent is “disappointed” in those Senators who are not making a “good faith effort” or showing “common courtesy” afforded to the solemn task of impeachment given them. The charge made by you is they have already made up their mind and are not really paying attention and ends with “The least we as stakeholders can expect is for them to take it seriously.”

Let me put forth another scenario and you be the judge. We all should think that marriage is a serious matter and gifts for that marriage should be taken seriously as well. Let’s say you are getting married in the days to come, but meanwhile you are out on your porch where you can see your neighbor’s yard. Your neighbor has a big dog — I mean a BIG dog — and you watch as that big dog does his business in his own yard. A little later you see your neighbor come out with a shovel and a paper bag with some writing on it and puts the mess in the paper bag. Then you watch as the neighbor solemnly walks to your front porch, reaches out the bag and says “I hear you’re getting married so I wanted to give you this wedding present.” Of course you don’t want to take it, but he leaves it on your porch.

Perhaps it was given in good faith, perhaps not, who are we to judge but let me ask you this: Should you treat this “gift” with “common courtesy” and the “seriousness” required of an actual wedding gift given in “good faith?” How would you choose to deal with the “articles” you’ve been given?

Randy VanHoose


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