President Trump’s track record concerning our military has come as no surprise — calling John McCain a “loser” for getting captured, attacking a gold-star family (Khan) and referring to our fallen patriots as “losers” and “suckers.” Never before has a President denigrated our military as Trump has.

As a nation having a strong political division, there has always been a common denominator that binds us together: our military. From Lexington-Concord and conflicts beyond, patriots served and died for our freedoms and liberties.

Presidents on both political sides have served. Trump has sown the seeds of discourse using religion, red vs. blue states, gender, liberals vs. conservatives and race. But, on this issue, he has crossed the Rubicon.

I ask, where was the outcry from those hypocrite Republicans who have always touted our military? The silence from Mitch McConnell, Rand Paul, Thomas Massie, Lindsey Graham and the like are complicit.

Practically every family has a veteran lying in a Veteran’s cemetery or family plot. In Lincoln’s Gettysburg address, he writes, “These men gave their last full measure of devotion.”

My friend and co-worker served a tour of duty in Vietnam writing a book on his experiences. I wonder how many “losers” he helped place in body bags.

In July 1973, as an honor guard serving at Scott A.F.B., the C-141 carrying home POWs in “Operation Homecoming” landed. I stood on the tarmac watching these patriots touch American soil. They all looked gaunt and some used crutches or canes, but the look of love of this nation shown in their faces as TV film rolled and cameras clicked when meeting their families for the first time in years.

Trump’s motto is ask not what I can do for this nation, but what this nation can do for me.

Earl Ferguson


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