This year, Feb. 7 is designated as Boy Scout Sunday because it is the closest Sunday to Feb. 8, the day Boy Scouts of America was organized. Our area is blessed with several active and productive troops.

In December, Troop 165 and Cub Scout Pack 165 in Flatwoods and Troop 154 and Cub Scout Pack 154 in Bellefonte joined to continue a 65-year tradition of giving. On Saturday, Dec. 12, the boys and some members of their families collected and sorted more than 4,500 food items and more than 800 new and used toys and books from residences in Bellefonte and the surrounding area. The Community Presbyterian Church of Bellefonte then distributed boxes of food and bags of toys to families whose names had been obtained from CAReS in Boyd County and Helping Hands in Greenup County.

Many thanks to those Scouts and their families, members of Community Presbyterian and the residents of Bellefonte and the surrounding area for making Christmas memorable for people in need.

Jean Fraley


Yes, only one God

This letter is in response to a recent letter written by David Seagraves.

Yes, Mr. S, there’s just one God. And He goes by several names: Jehovah, Yahweh, the Alpha and Omega (beginning and end); the Lord of Lords and King of Kings; I AM; and the Great I Am, to name some.

Our God made the Planet Earth and every living creature that dwells upon the Earth or in the waters, and mankind He created in His image or likeness, and that includes all colors and races; all created equal.

There are no other true Gods, only one creator. There are many people on this Earth, and if they worship anyone other than the God and Jesus Christ that we evangelicals worship, they may be surprised at the Great White Throne Judgment. The Holy Bible states the only way to Heaven is having Jesus as Lord and Savior, that no one comes to God other than through Jesus. Mr. S., you stated that people in the U.S., India, China and Pakistan did not believe in the God I worship. You are absolutely correct. The many different religions worship other gods, whatever or whoever that may be, not the almighty creator that Christians know.

The Holy Bible, written by men and inspired by God, has been around for many, many years. I don’t think the Bible would still be printing if it was not a book of truth, from Genesis to Revelations, from creation of man to the destruction of the Earth with pastors preaching from it to their congregations.

We, as a church and nation, have fallen away from serving our Lord and Savior. Sin is rampant, prayer is taken from our schools, and same-sex marriage, aborting babies by the thousands, rioting, looting and burning of cities are taking place.

Eternity is a long time, so where do you want to spend it: Heaven or hell? 

And, yes, Mr. S., I will be praying for you. And to all who read this, no matter what you have wrongly done, the Lord will forgive you, if you repent and ask.

Allan Ewing


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