I hope this article reaches the ears and eyes of all those who support John Calipari, Matt Jones and Big Blue Nation. I am not writing these statements because I am a Vietnam veteran, because I stood for the “Ragged Old Flag” long before Vietnam.

Don’t you realize when Calipari gives his big speeches and Jones hosts his radio program they could be speaking Japanese or German? But they’re not. They are speaking English in the United States. Why? The “Ragged Old Flag” and all the ones who gave all defending it. If you won’t stand proud in a safe environment, I am glad you were not with me in ’Nam.

I’m “making a statement.” There’s a BIG difference in taking a knee and one who gave both knees, some arms, some eyes and some mind. Shame on you! Maybe you, Calipari and Jones, need to listen to Johnny Cash’s song “Ragged Old Flag” and play it in one of your team meetings and on your radio program.

Some things you just cannot separate: The Ragged Old Flag, The National Anthem, and Taps (the last bugle call at night as a sign that all lights are to be put out) — 58,000-plus came home from ’Nam in a box, their light put out.

How do you make a statement to honor all whose lights have been put out defending the “Ragged Old Flag?” You stand and put your right hand over your heart, left hand behind your back, and you don’t move.

My statement: All my UK clothes I will wear inside out until Calipari is gone. I will always honor the “Ragged Old Flag!”


Marvin Gearhart

Olive Hill

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