As some of you know, the Portable Solutions Group of Companies (PSG) recently vacated the 50,000-square-foot airplane hangar at the Ashland Regional Airport in Worthington. PSG rented this facility for 12 years (2009-2021). We recently consolidated our operations into a manufacturing facility at Wurtland Riverport, which we own.

I understand that the airport hangar is being evaluated by prospective tenants and actively marketed as an available piece of industrial rental real estate by those leading economic development efforts in our region.

I would strongly encourage the marketers of this building to advise any entity interested in this facility to speak with me concerning the conduct of the current Airport Board. We believe it would be in the best interest of the pursuant company to know our tenant history with the Board and the reasons informing our decision to relocate.

The mindsets and cultural behaviors that have facilitated our area’s economic decline are currently represented on the Worthington Airport Board. Pride and combativeness are their mechanisms of negotiation as opposed to compromise and teamwork. The environment won’t change until these preexisting attitudes and demeanors change. I cannot in good faith recommend this location, under the direction of the current board, to any enterprise looking to expand its footprint in this region.

My main objective is to put those looking to positively contribute to the local economy in the best position possible to be successful. Our experience with the current Worthington Airport Board leads us to believe that any company looking to utilize the hangar facility will face an uphill battle in dealing with this governing body — a battle that may be avoided if they look elsewhere for their industrial real estate needs.

Rob Slagel

CEO, Portable Solutions Group

Show love, get


Getting vaccinated for COVID-19 and its variants is a way one can show his/her love of the Creator of all humankind. It is also a way the vaccinated can show their love of neighbors worldwide. The all-important love of self is demonstrated by getting vaccinated.

For the sake of our children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, get vaccinated now! America’s and the world’s future are at stake. We are being tested. Love is the great uniter, problem solver — love of God, neighbor, self.

Paul L. Whiteley Sr.


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