Sen. Rand Paul has made his stance on the impeachment of President Donald Trump clear, so perhaps it should come as no surprise that he was reportedly spotted working a crossword puzzle and making a paper airplane during the president’s trial before the U.S. Senate on Tuesday.

“I think the votes have been decided,” Paul told The Hill, a Washington-based politics-focused newspaper, on Thursday. “As much as anybody will be pretending to be judicious about this, I don’t think that there’s one senator who hasn’t decided how they’re going to vote.”

The Republican senator from Kentucky may have indeed been pretending to be judicious when he obscured the squares of his crossword puzzle with another piece of paper and left the word prompts visible, reported ABC News, until he was prepared to fill in an answer, at which point the jig was up.

And it’s no secret what Sen. Elizabeth Warren thinks of the president either — so much so that she is a challenger for the Democratic nomination to challenge Trump in November. So her own indulgence in a game on paper on Tuesday was hardly a shock.

Three senators wore Apple watches, ABC News reported, in violation of Senate rules prohibiting electronics during an impeachment trial. Others appeared to be working on other non-impeachment related business. Sen. Jim Risch, R-Idaho, was even seen dozing off.

None of this, perhaps, should surprise Americans, in light of Paul’s comments and the perception that most senators’ stances on impeachment align with their partisanship.

It is, however, disappointing how many of our elected officials do not appear to be making a good-faith effort, nor displaying the common courtesy and respect that should accompany their office.

The 100 men and women of the Senate bear the awesome responsibility of determining who will lead this country. The least we as stakeholders can expect is for them to take it seriously.

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