I have not watched a UK basketball game this season because they decided to get into politics before the season, and started by wearing Black Lives Matter shirts on TV. This included the coaching staff. On Saturday, the players and coaches showed disrespect for the American flag.

Now, I am putting my UK clothes in my Goodwill bag. I will not purchase any more UK clothes, or other UK items, and I will not watch any UK basketball games until John Calipari and his staff are fired. The coaches’ jobs are to prepare the student-athletes for their future and not to get involved in politics.

Michael W. Caudill


Hateful letters must stop

I’ve been a subscriber to your paper for years and I’ve read “In Your View” daily.

I even had one letter in the section about Braidy Industries.

Through all these months, I’ve read the back-and-forth political letters full of hate and saying awful things about candidates. There were a few calling for peace.

I think you should do away with this section. It’s a sound board for the same people who use Twitter and other social media to spew hate.

If this continues, I will no longer be a subscriber to your paper.

D.J. Hall

South Shore

Can’t justify insurrection

In the Jan. 8 Daily Independent, an article written by Charles Romans concerning area locals David and Debbi Gill, of Flatwoods, and a Raceland school teacher, Zenaida Smith, attending the Trump rally on Jan. 6. claiming they were there as peaceful protesters. For weeks, President Donald Trump has been summoning and agitating his base with conspiratorial lies to arouse his followers to meet him in D.C. on Jan. 6 in a protest to keep Congress from confirming Joe Biden as the 46th President of the United States.

Everyone has the right to voice their opinions, which makes our country so unique. Our democratic freedom allows us to do this, and Trump's base pushes to end it! You will hear excuses as to why many were there. But, everyone at the Jan. 6 rally participated in an insurrection against our republic — and the ransacking of the place the world regards as a temple of democracy. I hope these locals will contact the Louisville FBI and begin the process of submitting their sworn statements before the FBI knocks on their door.

According to the U.S. Constitution, states — not the federal government — run U.S. elections. They are run and certified by the states according to laws passed by their state. Suppose someone in Kentucky has an issue with an election in Pennsylvania — a certified election by the state. In that case, they may write a letter to the editor or someone in the Pennsylvania legislature. Their problem with the Pennsylvania election is by no means whatsoever a justification for participating in an insurrection.

Jolene Thompson


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