One of Joe Biden's executive orders from January prompted this headline on The Federalist: "How Biden Will Open The Floodgates To Transgendering Public Schools."  

As I read the long article detailing what Biden plans to do to our children and grandchildren, I was astounded at what I was reading. I have two little granddaughters and sharing a restroom with a little boy who declares himself to be a little girl will not work with them because they know that is wrong. 

Why would an old man like Biden want to promote such an unnatural thing? Par for the course for Democrats — Biden's grandchildren probably attend an elite and exclusive private school; thus, they will not be affected by his transgender policies. 


The Secretary of Education nominee was asked during his confirmation hearing by Sen. Rand Paul if he was in favor of "boys who identify as girls competing on girls' sports teams" — he is OK with it. Sen. Paul responded with, "The American people want to know who are these people and what planet are they from?"  

The Senator called this policy "bizarre;" the Bible calls it sin, rebellion against God's creation (Genesis 1:27).

Now that Joe Biden is president, transgenders can join the military. A male soldier who wants to be a female can shower with the female soldiers, and we taxpayers will have to pay for his very expensive surgery to become a biological female and subsequent long, post-surgical care.

If voters would consistently vote the Bible, we would not have to suffer the consequences of so many godless polices that is taking our country further down a moral decline.

Glenda Wellman-Conn


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