I had to shave my beard again today, so that I can comfortably wear a mask again in public. The ignorance of anti-maskers and anti-vaxxers has held this country hostage, prolonged the pandemic and caused the needless death of countless Americans all because of their belief in conspiracies and irrational fears.

To those who willingly refuse to be vaccinated and wear a mask, how many of your own family members and friends have to suffer and die before you wake up?

With freedom comes an enormous amount of personal responsibility. Our personal exercise of liberty cannot infringe upon or deny that same liberty to another individual. Refusing to be vaccinated and wear a mask puts the health and well-being of other Americans at risk. Your inaction denies the basic God-given right to life to countless others.

So once again I will do my part despite the refusal of others. I’ve been fully vaccinated and I will wear a mask to protect those like my nephew who is not old enough to be vaccinated, for those like my son who is immunocompromised, and for all those minors who by no fault of their own are victims of ignorant parents who refuse to have them vaccinated.


Richard Duvendeck II


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